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Lost my CDROM and CDRW

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  • Lost my CDROM and CDRW

    Please help if you can.I've had nothing but problems since I installed Windows XP.Had to install the system 3 times in 2 weeks.Now I lost my CDROM and CDRW after tried to burn some photos I've tried some sugestions from the ZD Net forums,but no luck.So far I've lost all the work I did on several photos as I don't backup work in progress on cds,but have the originals on cds,but can not get them back without a CDROM.I just want to get back to learning again.

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    I wish I could help, Don. I just popped in to say I hope you find a solution.

    Other than asking if you have the correct drivers in place, I don't know anything about dead CD-ROM drives.

    Good luck...


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      Don, I'm not a techie, but let's give the techies here some more information to see if they can help you.

      After your last re-installation of XP, did you find that you had lost access to your CD-ROM, or was it working for a while after the last install? What exactly was happening when you discovered that it wasn't working? Had it given you any problems before your last XP install? Any problems before you first installed XP? Why did you install XP -- just to upgrade your OS, or to solve a system problem?


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        Hi Don,

        to get some more info on what could be going on, try this:
        go to Control Panel click on System then in there go to the Hardware section and click on Device Manager. When you've got to the Device Manager, click "DVD/CD ROM drives" which'll display your CD and CDRW drives. now right click the drive and select properties. if they are working correctly you'll get this message
        "This device is working properly.

        If you are having problems with this device, click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter."

        this should at least give you more to go on.

        - David


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          Hi guys & gals.Thank you for your concern.
          CJ, the reason for the reinstalls:

          1. I installed Windows XP over ME and the system crashed.I had Microsoft tech help to reinstall.Everything worked fine.

          2. I tried to install install GForce graphics card and the system crashed.Had help from Microsoft and Gateway techs to reinstall.
          Everything worked fine.

          3. Woke up one morning to a black screen that said, [Windows could not start because, C:\windows\system32\system fie is missing or corupted. Had help from Microsoft and Gateway to reinstall.Everything worked fine.

          three days ago I went to burn a photo to cd and half way thru the puter restarted and I had no more CD or CDRW drives.

          Davtd,thats one of the first things I did and found yellow exclaimation marks by each drive and in the properties for both said not working.

          One person in the forums said to try resetting the seconday ide cable which I didn't do because I'm not sure which is primary or secondary.

          I think I need a vacation or a hammer to fix my problem.I can't afford $95.00 per hour to have it repaired professionally.

          If you all don't hear from me again it means I dove head first off my computer.


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            one thing you could try is uninstall both drives from windows, open up your case, disconnect and reconnect the cables to make sure they're all in correctly and then reinstall the drives in XP.

            - David


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              Ah! Type 'force aspi' into your web browser. Pre win XP drives some time dont load in the aspi drivers.

              What cd writing software are you using if its nero I had the same trouble Force aspi worked for me.



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                David and Clare both post excellent advice. Depending on the manufacturer of the drives, they may have more XP friendly firmware available. A reinstall may be your best bet as David pointed out.


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                  Don't give up yet Don. Microsoft has a page on the xp web stating which devices and software don't play well with XP. If you're drives are listed,or even if not, then go to manufacturer site as Greg stated and see if they have upgrades for the devices. Many manufacturers have posted new versions for older software and devices just because of this instability. That may do the trick before you have to open the case. Gateway machines are pretty easy to access though, once open its easy to see what goes where. Let us know what you find.


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                    Don, unfortunately your problems are common when an upgrade is attempted. If you follow the advice posted here and still have problems I suggest a complete reload from scratch. A very large percentage of the support problems with XP are related to installing XP as an upgrade from a previous version, especially ME.

                    Your problem also sounds to me like it could be a hardware interrupt or memory address conflict. The only way to be sure that this isn't the problem is to go through device manager and write down the address's of all your hardware and check for duplications. Many times hardware conflicts will make the OS seem unstable and do things like disable different devices. I know this is very frustrating and I hope you are able to get to the heart of the problem and eliminate it.


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                      Another possibility is that you may have a failing power supply. With the system just quitting in the middle of using it and then individual devices failing this doesn't sound like a software problem.

                      Is the fan on your power supply functioning? If it is heating up, this will also reduce its performance and as the performance or unit fails, other portions of your computer will also fail. The potential downside to this is causing a short circuit or sending a power surge to your motherboard. Both scenarios can be fatal to all or portions of your motherboard.

                      I have seen similar activity when power supplies have failed.



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                        Well,I finally got my devices back after 4 hours on the phone with MS and Gateway with no luck.I was fiiddling with drivers for the sound which is another thing I found I lost and holy cow they came back.Don't know what I did .Now I'll try to get my sound back with help from Gateway.They take over your computer in a chat session and try to fix it.Cool tool.I don't want to press my luck alone.

                        A very special THANK YOU to all of you.


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                          I was fiddling with drivers for the sound which is another thing I found I lost and holy cow they came back. -- Don
                          Why didn't I think of that -- if you've lost access to your CD-ROM, fiddle with the sound drivers! So happy that the CDs are working again!!

                          Now, does anyone know WHY they're working?


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                            At the heart of the problem is Microsoft, it's called a buggy operating system. Of course they will blame it on the device drivers. Aren't computers fun!

                            If I ever had the chance to meet Bill Gates I don't know whether I would shake his hand or punch him out.


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                              We are all at the mercy of Modern Technology?


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