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Fast CD ROM drives

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  • Fast CD ROM drives

    If you have a fast CD/DVD ROM drive (48X +), be carefull! I just read an article in the latest PC World about CD's breaking in fast drives. the article says that if there's a wrinkled lable or anything else putting the disk off balance, or if the CD has even a tiny crack in it, then there's a chance that it might shatter in the drive. apparently the chance of it happening is only 1 or 2 in 10,000 though.

    - David

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    Thanks for the tip David! I'll have to be careful with some of my older discs.


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      No problem, Greg! I'm gonna have to be careful too since my 16X DVD ROM reads CD's at 48X.
      one other thing from the article I forgot to mention is that this can also happened in some slower drives (32X 40X etc.)

      - David


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        Soooo as I read it, all drives are liable to screw you without given notice? Whats new in the computer world?


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          Hmmmm, better order quite a few boxes of floppies!



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