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And anotrher hard drive question.

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  • And anotrher hard drive question.

    I bought a 40gig hard drive to replace my dead 20gig one. I didn't have the old one partitioned but was wondering if I should partition this one. If so what size partitions should I use? I'm running win98.

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    Is this the only drive in your computer?

    If it is then I would partition it into several sections.
    One for Windows
    One for Swap file
    One or two for Data

    This would mean if windows crashs it is easier to load back in and less likely to interfere with your data. Leaving your data in a safer enviroment - still need your back up's though!

    If this is your second drive and is going to be used purely as a data drive then it might be worth your while leaving it as a single partition. There are some that say a single partition is quicker.

    Size for your partitions

    Windows depending on which instal you use about 1.5 Gb

    Swap should be twice the size of your current ram so 256 of ram mean a swap of 512mb I would partition it to 1GB, then if you put in more ram you can update your swap file without having to repartition again.

    Data the rest!

    Hope this helps


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      Thanks Clare,
      sorry for being so long in replying but I've been pretty busy lately and haven't had time to play with the computer.
      There is 512mb of ram installed.
      I have two hard drive but only one connected. I had a hack attack on the first drive and it was easier to install a new one as the old one wouldn't format. The old one is was in an difficult position so I didn't remove it just disconnected it. I'm temped to connect it and try to reformat and use it but I'ms still concerned about it being corrupted and corrupting the new one.
      I have Partition magic so I think I'll partition this drive today and see what happens from there.
      Thank you for your information it's a big help.


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        If your old hard drive will not format it is possible that the hack attack re-wrote the master boot record of your hard drive.

        if so run dos



        This will re-write the master boot record then you should be able to format the drive.

        It may be worth your while to format it as a whole big partition first to see if it will work. I would use fdisk to do this.

        If it works then repartition it as you want.

        Good luck

        If you need more info just call.


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          You also need to make your second drive a slave by changing the jumpers on the back of the drive.

          The info as to where they should be will be either on the top or back of the drive. If it is not go to the manufactors web site and look up the drive you have. They are all different so i can say where they need to be.


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