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  • Printers: Epson R1400 - Ink

    What ink is better, dye or pigment for digital paintings?
    I want to buy an Epson R1400.
    Best wishes,

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    Re: Epson R1400 - Ink

    Pigment. Its certainly far more archival.


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      Re: Epson R1400 - Ink

      Andrew, Thanks for the comment!


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        Re: Epson R1400 - Ink

        I would agree that pigment has many overall advantages. There are also particular advantages with the papers you may use. In some instances, the paper can have significant effects on the permanence of the image.

        I would suggest you also do some reading from the Wilhelm Imaging Research website (here). They do much of the industries image permanence testing. Although a bit hard to navigate their site, there is some very reading there. It can sometimes be easier to use their search box.


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