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    Just been offered a Wacom A4 (28cm by 20cm) tablet for little money late model. Having never used one is this too big or should I snap her hand off ?


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    Snap her hand off!!! What do you have to loose? For little money, if it doesn't please you then sell it.....For little bigger money.


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      Once you have used a graphic tablet you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

      I only have an A5 model and thats probably quite old as well. As long as it comes with all its leads, software etc. I don't see how you could go wrong.

      Maybe they would allow you to try it out first to check that it is all working. The software if not included could probably be down loaded from the web.

      If you go for it I would be interested in hearing how you got on with it being A4.



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        When it comes to size, I've noticed that what ever a user gets used to seems to be the perfect size for them. So I wouldn't worry too much about the size. I think you could get used to the larger size just as easily and wonder how you worked on a smaller one.


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          Well....if you really do not want it I can send you my address!

          I would grab are lucky to have that fall into your lap!


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            Thanks all It seems that I should dive in whatever. I'm going to view it tomorrow. Its a fairly new model so does it draw power from the USB connection?

            Keep calm Uncle Greg!


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              The beast has arrived at castle H. It's an A4 USB model with most of the bits and pieces mouse etc still sealed in their wrappers musn't have been used much, spare pen and nibs thrown in.

              The only software apart from drivers etc is Coral 'Painter' which I've no experience of only ever having used Coral Photopaint which crashed with alarming frequency!

              I'll have a look back through the threads as I recall some Wacom chat earlier this year.



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                I have been using my painter disc as a Frisbee... Actually, it's not a bad little program to play with. So when do we get to see some wonderful tablet work from you? ...I'm sitting here with my little Graphire...very jealous of you!


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                  All I think you'll get for the moment are some wonderful curses as I do battle with it Greg! It's installed OK after a little struggle with 2K. I'm now crashing about in the software like 'a bull in a china shop!'


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                    Chris, check the Wacom ads in magazines. I think they still have their free cd offer. I received mine a few months ago and found some interessting stuff on it. And did I mention it's free? Dont know if the ship over the pond but would be worth finding out.



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                      Bob, Thanks for mentioning that Cd, I was in my local library today and one of the photo mags mentioned it. I'll have another look although I haven't seen it mentioned on the Wacom UK site.


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                        I have little doubt that you'll be happier than a pig in . . . .oh well. You'll like it if you give it a chance.


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                          After the Wacom arrived I went on the hunt for more info. Apart from the obvious Wacom sites this one crossed my bows. The site essentially revolves round Kolle's book but the download gives chapter and verse on tablet setup, might be of interest to other users.



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                            Great find Chris. Thanks. I downloaded the PDF and saved it in my tutorial file.


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                              Nice thread folks!

                              Can anyone comment in more detail on smaller tablets like the A5 graphire?

                              My concern is this - the larger tablets have better sensitivity (double), will precision retouching be possible with the graphire or will it seem to stutter or something?...I am not concerned with painting or natural media simulation as such - just general Photoshop retouching and manipulation for a magazine prepress setting.

                              Are the smaller tablets restrictive to sweeping movements? Or when you are zoomed in on the image and retouching does it not matter and you have more than enough room to play?

                              I know I will miss not having hotkeys on the entry level tablet and I really wonder how attempting to draw bezier pen paths will go (there is always the mouse) the past very minor casual use of pens/tablets has seemed alien, even when moving around the desktop in the OS and not even in Photoshop, but I guess in hindsight a mouse was alien at first too and a pen seems to be more logical.

                              Am I worried over nothing?

                              Stephen Marsh.


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