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  • Scanning Negatives / Slides

    Hi there,

    I have a CANON mp560 all in one and I've done a bit of research and it turns out you need a backlight of sorts to scan properly. My scanner has a backlight feature, but I also found a possible work around....I use a flashlight (white light source) app on my iphone . I put my phone ontop of the negative/slide and this works. For photo negatives this works nice when I invert the colours, however the image is entirely monotone, there is no colour information to work with.

    The same goes for slides (which dont need inverting). Why is it greyscale? is the white light messing up the info?

    Heres the slide:

    and heres the photo (with pre and inverted)

    edit: have scanned in my photo in higher rez. why is the color info being lost :|
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    Re: Scanning Negatives / Slides

    to me using the phone for a light source that pretty weak.... i don't think you need to......

    i have scanned slides in the past where the scanner had no slide/film adapter and or special abilites to scann slied.... i just put the slide on the glass plate.... but i always got the color although the quality was bad....

    i am thinking that maybe your using the wrong settings on your scanner i would double check those... make sure your not scanning in greyscale

    something alittle bit different.. .... by accident, when i was looking for something else i came across this 2 page article. (there a clickable link to go to the 2nd page for details) and he had the same limitations with his scanner , just in general and this was his solution ..

    just some other ideas on converting those slied/film
    use a cheap light box and your camera....
    or a slide projector and your camera....
    see if there a slide holder adapter for your camera....

    something i been playing around with is using my portable file/slide viewer... and my camera ...

    well i hope this helps... probably the pro's have better ideas...


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      Re: Scanning Negatives / Slides

      can you turn OFF the Automatic Exposure/Intensity (AE) Control, Color Adjustment, FARE (Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) , Auto Photo Fix, Auto Scan Mode, etc... ?


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        Re: Scanning Negatives / Slides

        this is not a restoration problem. this is a hardware problem. moving this to the hardware forum.


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