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    I am wondering what matt paper you use with your 2000. I was very dissappointed with Epson's "Enhanced Matt", used to be called "Archive Matt" until they found out that it yellows in exposure to direct sunlight. I have tried all of Red River Paper's art paper and really like the results especially in black&white. What I don't like is having to manually feed through the "straight path" paper slot. But if that is what I need to do in order to get the best archival results then I will. This Epson 2200 is great for black&white.


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      Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for the info on the Pictorico paper. I'll check into it. The Epson matte paper I use is specifically recommended for the 2000P It's the Archival Matte Paper #S041341 I haven't noticed any yellowing at all with it but I haven't really done any direct sun tests. Like my inks, I have to order the paper online because no office supply store carries that specific type. It would be nice to see the difference in black and white prints from the 2200 and the 2000. Personally, I never really thought the black and whites were bad on the 2000 but not seeing a side by side might change my mind.


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        That Epson Archival Matt is the same paper that I have. My A3 Epson Archival Matt is #S0141343. If you look on their site they show the "Enhanced Matt" roll paper as having the same coating as the Archival Matt. The site which is where I buy my Epson paper and ink shows the Enhanced Matt as being the same paper as the Archival Matt. I originally ordered the Enhanced Matt from their site and the Archival Matt is what they sent me. Some users on the dpreview site have tested the Archival Matt in the sunlight and it yellowed fairly bad in a short period of time. The word is that soon the official name for this paper will be changed to "Enhanced Matt". Wilhelm also downgraded this paper to about 30 years at 450 Lux under glass. You will notice that on the Epson site, the description details on this paper fail to make any mention about it's archival qualities. I wish Wilhelm would get his site back up.

        I don't know how the 2200 differs from the 2000 on black & white. I assumed that the 2000 has always done a good job in that area. But compared to my old Photo 870 there is a great deal of difference.


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          I didn't know that about the Archival matt and Enhanced matt being the same. Did you happen to notice if the prices were the same? Altex is where I buy my printer products too. They are very reliable and they have the best prices of the competing online office supply companies. I also wasn't aware that the paper turned yellow in the sun. Boy, to think of all the time and effort I've wasted applying sepia to the prints. Thanks for the info.


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            I have found an additional source for papers for the 2200. has an extensive selection of papers that are compatible with the Epson 2200 and 2000P. From what I can see there is no shortage of papers available for these printers. They have quite a listing here :


            They have a new paper "Inkjetart Micro Ceramic Luster". It is supposed to be identical to the Epson Premium Luster except that is is ceramic coated and doen't exibit the bronzing effect. I can't find what archival rating this paper has but it must be there somewhere. I haven't tried this paper yet. But I plan to.

            Had my first hic-up with the 2200 this week. I printed an 11 x 14 image and after about 3 inches the yellow head plugged. I of course wasn't there watching so I dscovered this after the fact. One cleaning cycle cleared the problem. Guess I should print a test pattern before any major image job, it might save ink and paper. This is the only slight problem I have seen yet.


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              Pigment inks are bad for that. I've found out the hard way on my 2000P and now pretty much do a test print before printing anything. Even after a few good prints I will now run a quick test print because I've printed more than a couple copies just fine then all of a sudden one cartridge get's clogged. Mostly my black. It cleans up real well but I hate running a clean on it and wasting ink. I consider ink liquid Gold.


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                I thought I would post my experiences with some glossy paper. I bought some Red River Ultra Pro Gloss paper. This is a very nice paper for any glossy application. It is a 68lb weight paper. I used their suggestion, Red River Paper, and reduced the ink density by 10% to reduce the bronzing effect. This suggestion has worked well with the Luster paper, but, sadly it doesn't fully eliminate the bronzing on this high gloss paper. I knew that the glossy papers showed this worse than the others. This was my first experience with a high gloss paper.

                Now I don't know if this would be objectionable to everyone. It doesn't bother me a lot but I might think about asking a client before printing commercial work on this paper. You have to hold the prints just right in the light to see the problem. My recommendation to anyone would be to try the glossy paper with the 2200 to see if it bothers you.

                I plan on using this paper for printing the Christmas party shap shots for the family members. I'll see if I get any comments on the prints.


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                  Thanks for posting your observations Kevin. They were very helpful.


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                    Good Day Kevin,

                    I will be purchasing an Epson 2200 as soon as they are available (Yes, there is a HUGE waiting list in Canada), but I had a question to ask you.

                    I've read on the DPreview forums that changing from the Epson Photo black to Matte Black wastes a lot of ink. Do you feel this is a valid statement? An article on Inkjetart states that it only costs around U$1.00 to switch the inks.

                    This would be important for me because I would be printing a mix of glossy and matte prints... or I could use my Canon S820 for glossy prints with my Ilford papers... but that's another story.

                    Thanks for the help!

                    Eric Polsinelli


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                      Hi Eric. I hope you are able to get your 2200 soon. I had to wait about two weeks before I was able to get mine. I got on the waiting list at B&H Photo and as promised they sent me a message when there was one available. They are a big Epson dealer and seem to be able to get more of the 2200 than others.

                      About the Matt Black swap out, I agree with what Inkjetart states. It really doesn't waste a lot of ink, I would compare it to a cleaning cycle. I have switched between the matt and photo black cartridge many times and have not noticed a lot of ink being wasted. I do try to plan my printing jobs so that I minimize the number of times that I make this switch. I'm not a high volume printer since most of my jobs are restoration so I may not be a good judge of this event.

                      If you plan to do a lot of printing I would recomment that you stock up on replacement cartridges. The ink cartridges are also in heavy demand and are hard to get at times. I have on hand a complete set of replacement cartridges and another set of the light colors, light cyan, light magenta, light black, and yellow. I buy most of my Epson cartridges and paper from since they have the best prices. The last order I made from them they were or of stock on light cyan & light magenta.

                      I hope this helps you.


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                        Thanks Kevin,

                        I actually work for one of Epson Canada's distributors, so we receive produt before stores do... hehe

                        All my Inks and Epson papers will be purchased at work, but I will most likley try different brands of papers (is Red River any good for the 2200?).

                        One of my concernes was the ink "wastage" during ink swaps, but my mind is at ease now. THANKS!


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                          Hey, that's cheating, I guess you will get a good price too. Just kidding. Yes, Red River makes excellent papers for use with the 2200. In fact they are mentioned directly by Epson as a alternative source for paper for the 2200. I also use papers from and


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                            Hehe... yes, it is cheating, but what can I do.

                            Thanks again for the help.


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                              Another thing.

                              I have noticed that the 2200 cannot print borderless on Matte / Art papers... do you find this to be a problem, or do you have a way to work around this?

                              Thank you for your time.


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                                Eric, this hasn't presented a problem for me. I almost always print on standard sized paper and trim the prints. The only times I have used the borderless feature is when I have printed 4 x 6 prints on roll paper. I usually print 8 x 10 on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and 11 x 14 on A3 paper.

                                It's possible that the 2200 cannot bleed to the edge with that type of paper.


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