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Epson 2200 - My first impressions

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    That's what I thought.

    You know, it's funny how I keep reading that many people are using the 2100 drivers (UK version of the 2200) for their 2200's! For some reason the 2100 allow you to print borderless prints on your 2200.

    Strange but true.




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      Somewhere today I read about how the 2100 was a much better printer than the 2200 and that is the one you should try and get, it is the euro model? So how would you go about getting it?


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        Well I have read that the only plus' for the 2100 over the 2200 is that it supports CD printing, it includes the grey balancer software and it's drivers will allow you to print borderless on art papers.

        The hardware on both machines should perform equally.


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          it's the software

          the gray balancer software that makes a whole big difference but i have heard it is superior to the 2200, just not sure how to get it over here


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            There have been mixed reviews about the gray balancer software. I personally use Profile Prism to calibrate my scanner and printers. Epson stated that the software was not easy to use and was causing them a lot of support issues. I agree that printer profiling software really isn't ready for prime time. I can see where the average user would have problems understanding and getting good results from that type of software.

            I would like to have the CD printing feature though. I haven't found out why they removed that feature.


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              My "real" job is with a computer peripheral company that supplies Epson (and Canon) products. We were told that the 2200 did not include the CD printing option because it was alredy patented by another company... all this made sense to me until the Epson Photo 960 started to come with a CD printing option.

              Now I'm just confused.


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                I GOT MY 2200!

                Hey Kevin,

                I just received my Epson Photo 2200 yesterday! Man is it ever BIG

                My first print using the canned Epson drivers and PGPP turned out much better than I would hope for.

                Do you use the included ICC profiles are do use another kind? I keep reading the canned profiles are no good, but it makes me wonder if the user isn't configuring their printer/software properly and end up with bad results because of it.


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                  Hi Eric, glad you have your 2200 now. I use Profile Prism software to create ICC profiles for my printers and scanner. This is the same guy who wrote Qimage Pro, which I also use. I have had very good results with both of Mike's programs.

                  I have printed on Epson papers using just the driver software, no ICC profile, with very good results. If you use Epson papers you might not need anything else.


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                    I'm looking into the Monaco software for profiling, but it seems too expensive right now.

                    Have you ever tried Legion brand papers? There is a major retailer here in Toronto that carries the full line of Legion papers, and their canvas/art papers seem to be priced just right.


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                      Eric, I recommend that you take a look at Profile Prism software, available at . I have been very pleased with the results I get and it is not expensive, $69.00. It does require that you have a fairly good scanner, some are using the 1240U and 1260U Epsons and other inexpensive scanners with good results. I have an Epson 2450 and I have been getting very good profiles. With this software you can also profile your scanner and camera.

                      I haven't tried Legion papers. Be sure that the paper you try is compatible with pigmented inks. It can get disasterously messy if the ink isn't absorbed by the paper. If you use non-Epson papers you might need a color profiling software. I use Red river Papers, Pictorico papers, and other papers I buy from There are many paper choices out there.


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                        Thanks again Kevin,

                        I should take a look at Profile Prism. I have an Epson Perfection 2400 Photo, so it counts as a good scanner

                        The Legion website contains ICC profiles for the 2200 for use on many of their papers. Check out the website and tell me what you think


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                          I don't know where my mind was. The name Legion didn't ring a bell for some reason. I looked at my paper shelf and then it hit me. I have some Legion Somerset Velvet paper. This paper is being produced for Epson so I guess it will be OK in the 2200 lol. I think that Red River also produces some of the Epson papers.

                          So much for some of my earlier statements.


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                            Haha, that's funny.

                            Do you find their paper any good? I'm interested in purchasing one of the sample packs which include their canvas and somerset papers.


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                              I haven't used but about three sheets of the Somerset Velvet paper. I can't make a judgment on personally but I have heard good things about it. Also, if it is good enough for epson, it's good enough for me. The Epson Velvet Fine Art paper is the same paper as Legion's Somerset Photo Enhanced Professional Digital Art Paper. That's a mouth full.


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                                I’ve finally unpacked my 2200, which had remained in its box for the past six weeks as I just moved. I am hoping to start printing in a few days.

                                What advice can you all give me on whether to use some of the software that came bundled with the printer program?

                                I’ve been doing all my printing with PS7.

                                Thanks for any help and tips.



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