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  • USB or SCSI

    I have just bought a Canon 4000 film scanner and I'm interested in hearing comments from people regarding the speed of USB versus SCSI. I'm using USB at the moment and 6 Monochrome negs batched take 14 minutes at 2000dpi 8 bit greyscale.

    I was interested if SCSI is any faster, not that I'm disaapointed with the batch speed - lets me make another coffee while scanning

    If anyone has experienced the difference on this or a similar beast I'd be happy to hear your thoughts.

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    SCSI is faster than USB, but USB is just so much more convenient. If the SCSI device is not turned on and you want to use it, you have to power down the PC, power up the SCSI device, then power up the PC again. With USB, you just switch on and go.

    At 2000 dpi I don't think the transfer speed would be an issue, rather the scanning speed.


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      I suspected that. I've used SCSI before and found it a pain, but if there were huge gains to be made then it might be worth it. I was a bit disappointed that Canon did not have USB 2, which blows SCSI 2 away.


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        Here is a method for turning on a SCSI scanner after the computer is on:


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          Useful link, Andrew. I'll remember that one next time I curse windows when I want to use my film scanner


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