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monitor turning pink and CD ejection problem

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  • monitor turning pink and CD ejection problem

    I have aproblem with my cd rom everytime I tried to open the cd rom it wont open but if I use eject from the my computeer it works fine, is there a utility that also makes it possible for cd rom to insert from the mycomputer?
    My monitor also have this problem of constantly turning to pink everytime i advance to more than an hour? what does this mean? Thanks
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    Garfield, it soulds like your eject button is the only thing wrong with your CDROM. As far as inserting a CD you can give it an eject command from mycomputer, place the CD in the tray, and simply gently push the CD tray closed. The CDROM drive should automatically close after you gently push it in a little ways. It is OK for you to gently push the tray closed because the drive should take it from you after the tray closes slightly. But if you push it in slightly and the drive doesn't take it from you and finish closing on it's own, you should stop. Don't attempt to close it all the way by pushing it closed, it might strip the gears on the tray.

    The monitor shifting to pink is usually caused by a failing GUN circuit. One of the guns is failing after the monitor has heated up to operating temperature. The circuit probably works fine at room temperature but reaches a failure condition after reaching a certain temperature. This is a very common failure in color monitors. Sometimes this is caused be a poor soldier joint and sometimes a resister or capacitor is failing. If the monitor is very old it may not be advisable to try and get it fixed. If it is almost new then a good TV repair technician may be able to fix it. Old monitors are like old TV's in that when you start replacing old components with new ones it may cause other weak components to fail.

    I hope this helps you.


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      won't my cdrom be damaged if I pushed it? Well, will a tv person be abel to repair my monitor? Is it possible that there could be a conflict between the display adapter of my video card? Thanks for replying. is it advisable to buy another monitor? how much does a new 17 inch monitor costs? I notcied that everytime i reboot this pinkish thing disappears andafter 5 to 10 minutes it appears again. my monito even sometimes looks like a tv static. what should i do?
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        Unless you're really fond of that monitor don't bother trying to repair it. It could cost more than a new monitor. My son just bought a used 17" Dell monitor locally for $50.

        I used to have a monitor at work that would "go pink" after about 20 minutes of use. The IT guys threw it in the salvage bin and gave me another one.

        Your CD rom will not be damaged by pushing it in. In fact I've found that's how most people close their CD's.


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          Far from the assertations that you wont damage your CD-ROM drive by pushing it, I would take the opposite standpoint and manually do it. They tend not to put superfluous buttons on items if there is no need - I wont deny that it is common practise, but so is headshrinking in some parts of the world When you come to eject the disc would you grab a handy screwdriver and lever it out or use the eject button?

          As for the monitor, make sure that it is not near to anything with magnetic fields, speakers and amps and the like. Not that I would think any of these would produce a pinkish screen tint


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            as far as the cd rom not ejecting. check to make sure that you don't have a program such as direct CD running in the back ground. If you insert a cdrw that has been formated Direct CD will not allow it to be ejected with the eject button. this is to prevent loss of data that may be in begin writen to the cd.


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