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RDRAM vs. DDR memory?

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  • RDRAM vs. DDR memory?

    One other "new hardware" related question. It seems that the choice of motherboard determines the type of memory. I'm just wondering if people have any thoughts on whether one type is better than another? Or can you point me to any resources where I can learn about this?

    Also, I've always purchased RAM from eBay, but it's always been NON-ECC. Is it more important in the faster/higher-powered memory to make sure the memory is ECC compliant? Again, feel free to point me to resources where I might be able to read about this.

    Thanks, Jeanie

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    I don't think anyone has anything bad to say about RDRAM except that it's more expensive. Many Pentium4 systems require it, though (but that's changing).

    Different motherboards have different rules for ECC vs. non-ECC memory. Mine, for example, requires that 100% of chips be ECC before it will even work. Put one non-ECC chip in there and they all act like non-ECC.
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      Jeanie, see if this helps.

      Memory info


      Test results
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        Jeanie, CJ's links provide some good information. The Intel P4's using the RAMBUS technology were designed for more future applications than the currently available. RDRAM is faster than DDR but not by much. In future applications which include new pentium 4's and what ever its replacement will be named will be able to take full advantage of the RAMBUS architecture.

        The new motherboards for Intel processors are available with the 850 chipset and the 845 chipset. The 850 chipset uses RAMBUS RAM, RDRAM, and the 845 uses DDR ram. Intel was forced to provide DDR ram chipset after AMD started trouncing them in the marketplace. The DDR ram was cheaper and almost as fast which combined with the AMD chips made a faster and cheaper system.

        I think both DDR and RDRAM will be around for a while. This makes the decission harder because the RDRAM has come down in price. If I was to consider buying a new motherboard right now and I wanted to buy an Intel P4, I would choose the 845 chipset and the DDR ram. The reason being is that the new technology that will take full advantage of the RDRAM hasn't been released yet and it is going to require a new processor and motherboard that aren't available yet.

        I hope this helps.


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          Thanks for those links, CJ! Very, very helpful - and a lot more topics than just memory. I think I'll be reading for the rest of the afternoon there!

          Kevin, Wow - thanks! Hadn't seen such a succinct overview of the current memory situation yet. Very clear and helpful!



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            As an addendum to the above, if DDR is the choice made, I would advise spending a fraction more and getting 333 instead of 266.


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              Thanks Mike. That IS the question I'm pondering at the moment.