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Printers: HP 7150 printer does not print psd files


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    I am not a professional, I work at a shitty restaurant haha. So no need to tell me if I did things wrong or not.

    Before and After

    04-17-2010, 03:04 AM
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    Hi Ben,

    Being able to print the same files to the Epson changes things. Also the conversion to tiff and flattening without success is not a good sign. Looks like Jeanie's thoughts on the driver look more and more likely. Or a combination ME/driver problem. I can't imagine this being a hardware issue but I guess anything is possible in the digital world these days.

    If you are running the latest driver for the HP you might try to downgrade the driver to an earlier version. This isn't an easy thing to do but if you are Windows savy you should give it a try.


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      Hi All
      Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. It printed more but still came up with the same error message, it was 71mb so I changed it to JPEG 13mb still won't print sent same file to Epson printer no problem. Have contacted HP an dhope they have some ideas. Thanks for all your help.