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  • cd write problem

    HI! I have a problem with the cd write i did, why is it some of the exe in installer that I cd writed disappeared? When i open it it says that "this is not a win32 application" when in fact in the original it is ok? how was this?

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    Well, Garfield I am afraid your question cannot be answered without some idea as to what you were writing. Were you copying a commercial CD such as a game or other program type CD? It is possible that the CD was copy protected.

    Also there is a possibility that something went wrong with the write process that corrupted the files that it wrote. CD writers are very difficult sometimes. I have yet to see a CD writer that doesn't have problems at one time or other. The older models were impossible to keep working 100% of the time.

    Were you writing at the highest speed setting? Were you using a cheap brand of CD? There are just so many things that can go wrong.

    I have quit trying to find the best price blank CD's and started buying Kodak Ultima Gold CD's. There are other top name high quality brands that are reliable and have archival qualities. I discovered that the CD's with the blue or green media surface are very easy to erase with exposure to sunlight or even indoor florescent lighting.


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      no, i dont think its copy protected? i am copying exe files installer like the macromedia softwares. nah, mine is hewlett packard cd writer and I dont use the highest setting for fear that my cd will be destroyed faster so i try in between the speeds.


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        What I meant by cheap CD is the CDROM disk media itself. Writing speed has nothing to do with how long the CD will last. But, the quality of the media does have an impact on how fast the writer can reliabily write and how long the finished product will last.

        I would try to make another copy after restarting the PC. Write at a slower speed or try a different type of blank CDROM disk. You can try to use the option that copies the CD contents to the hard drive before making the copy. Sometimes copying from CD to CD will cause problems. There are just so many different steps that can cause these type of problems. If this is the first time that this has happened then it might just be a fluke and just restarting and copying it again may work.

        I hope something I have suggested will help.


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