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Inviting to make comparision Wide Gamut Displays.

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  • Monitors: Inviting to make comparision Wide Gamut Displays.

    Hello Experts, please try to make fair reviews on these displays, so newbie have some knowledge and can purchase affordable displays for their professional carrear.

    1. Eizo Color Edge - CG241W

    2. NEC PA241

    3. DELL Ultra Sharp U2410

    4. Asus PA246Q - Newly launched.

    5. HP ZR24w 24-inch

    Hope it helps for most of the users.


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    Re: Inviting to make comparision Wide Gamut Displa

    The Eizos are all remarkable displays. However, the CG241 has a VA type panel which gives worse off-angle viewing than IPS panels do. A better choice would be the CG243 (IPS panel), but that's even more costly. Like all the CG Eizo models, they have internal hardware LUTs which allows them to be very precisely and accurately calibrated (of course, you still need an i1 Display 2, or Spyder3, or equivalent).

    The Dell U2410 has terrific specs on paper (IPS panel, and a wealth of features), but the reviews generally suggest that it provides worse performance than the specs would suggest (particularly that it has a pink-ish cast which calibration fails to remove*–*like the early Apple Cinema Displays did). Avoid this.

    The NEC PA241 has an IPS display, hardware LUTs like the Eizos, and thus far extremely positive professional reviews. For all practical purposes, it should calibrate and perform almost as well as the Eizo CG243. I've just ordered one. I'll report back when it arrives, but I suspect the NEC PA241 will be the monitor you should choose for the near future. (Apparently it doesn't calibrate well with third-party colorimeters, so unless you already own an i1Pro or other spectrophotometer, you should consider buying it bundled with NEC's SpectraView II device: basically an i1Display2 adapted to handle the wide gamut of this monitor).

    I haven't seen any professional reviews of either the Asus or the HP.


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