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Mac users USB hub question

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  • Mac users USB hub question

    As the number of USB holes available to me slowly dwindle, i find that my thoughts turn toward the possibility of a hub in my future. I figure there is SOMEONE out there who can tell me what a good one is for the MAC. Seems to me that I heard there were some that weren't so good, and I wish to avoid them, if that is indeed true.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm sure that some of the MAC users here will have some recommendations, but for my PC, I've had no real problem with just a "cheap" Stratitec (4-holer) hub. When I was using an IMAC, I almost bought a Belkin hub (the only kind I ever see in our stores), but stopped using the IMAC before I could get one. Belkin sells the more expensive ones here for PCs also that I'll get when I save some more pennies.


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      I thought USB was USB. Why can't you use any hub with your Mac? They don't have software drivers.
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        I don't KNOW that I CAN'T use any hub with my mac. I DO know that a friend said they got a hub and it did not perform well for them. They had a Mac similar to mine. I thought I'd ask, and see what the opinions are, if any.


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          Hi Blacknight,

          depending on the type of USB devices you have, you'll want to be carefull. If the devices you're using are powered USB devices (ones that have no other power supply besides the USB) you won't be able to use them on the hub. If you want to add more usb ports to your system, the best bet is to get a new PCI (? or ISA? not sure what kind Mac's use for expansion cards) USB (2.0 would be the best to get since you can use all the new peripherals that are coming out) card for your computer.

          - David


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            Thats the route I took when ports became scarce, I got an Adaptec card which gave me 3 USB2 and 2Firewire ports. I think I paid a bit over the odds for the Adaptec but I'm wary of cheaper generic stuff, and the former respond very fast to technical problems over here.
            USB2 certainly gave my scanner a hell of a boost.


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              Nice to hear from you again.
              I have to echo David's suggestion. There are powered hubs on the market. I bought one from Tiger Direct. I use a PC but I think it works for Apple as well. If you can put in an expansion card, go with the newer version (USB 2.0)


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                Hi Blacknight, there are two different types of USB HUBs. There are "passive" HUBs and "active" HUBs. The passive HUBs are usually the cheapest and are only good for use with short cables and are not recommended for things like printers, scanners, and devices that require a powered USB connection. The "active" HUBs are "powered" HUBs that require an AC adapter power source. These "active" HUBs can use longer cables and connect all types of USB devices with ususally 100% success.

                I recommend that active HUBs be used in almost all cases. They eliminate most problems usually associated USB HUBs. I think that the USB 1.0 HUBs are compatible with MAC and PC.


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                  Hi Blacknight and all. I didn't know there were different kinds of USB hubs. I guess I lucked out - I bought the first one I saw, plugged it in and it's been performing well ever since.

                  I have a Belken ExpressBus - can't find it now on Belkin's web site, but I've had it for about 4 years.

                  I have it connected to my iMac with a scanner, keyboard, and 2 printers plugged into it.

                  Take care, Margaret


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                    That's the kind of info I was looking for, guys! There are so many people with experience in this and other areas that one would be foolish to waste time trying to research it at the library or wherever. THAT'S why, among other reasons. I keep coming back HERE.


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