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Urgent monitor advice needed please. (NEC P221W)

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  • Monitors: Urgent monitor advice needed please. (NEC P221W)


    I am looking for some advice from fellow members with regards to a Multisync Nec P221W monitor,
    Having just purchased the monitor initially I was very impressed however after leaving it switched on all day I have noticed a slight tint going from Left to Right (Green to Red), is this normal for these monitors?
    I have calibrated the monitor on more than one occation at different lighting conditions and when opening two like images and tiling them in Photoshop it has become more apparent, also with just a white screen. The calibrating side of things is as far as I can see not the issue, but possibly having not owned one of these monitors before I have nothing to compare.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Urgent monitor advice needed please. (NEC P221

    There was a whole discussion on this exact same issue on DPReview last month at

    If I had that issue, I would send the unit back and research if that particular monitor model was what I really wanted to get. Good luck

    ADDED EDIT - PS - Hopefully this is not a case of a reseller taking a return and just repacking it and sending it out to a different customer i.e. you Hope you have high confidence with the company with whom you purchased the unit.
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      Re: Urgent monitor advice needed please. (NEC P221

      Hello John,

      I did see that discussion on the link you provided, along with a few others,
      the monitor will be going back for further tests or replacement after contacting NEC.

      As to my choice of monitor, I am on a budget until such times, will be an improvement
      from my £50 Phillips 200ws I have been using upto now.

      Thank you
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