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Medium Intuos 4 wireless tablet

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  • Tablets: Medium Intuos 4 wireless tablet

    I'm thinking about buying an Intuous4 wireless tablet.

    Keyword here is : wireless

    Any idea how it compares to the wired one?
    Does it have the same response and resolution?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    One more question: how does the Intuous4 compare to the Intuous3?
    Much better? Somewhat improved? What about the surfaces? How do they compare since many people seem to complain of the rate at which the pen nibs get used on the Intuous4?

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    Re: Medium Intuous 4 wireless tablet

    I don't have the wireless one so I can't answer those questions. Wacom website says it works 'up to 8hrs without having to connect directly to the computer', I wouldn't want to be in the middle of something and have to stop to connect the charging cable.

    Comparing the I4 to the I3 - the I4 is bigger and heavier, the usb cable is a lot shorter, I loathed the surface texture but it will wear down with use and leave a nice smooth finish. I hate the mouse! It's small, oddly shaped, and has wierd button placements. It's also a little harder to push the buttons, they're kind of stiff and the left/right aren't buttons at all, just corners of the top cover. ( I have read that other people like the mouse ok, guess it depends on your hands.) It also get finicky and doesn't always want to move the cursor.

    On the plus side - the pressure sensitivity is great, the buttons on the tablet are handy for short cuts and the ring is nice for zooming quickly, some extra nubs can be stored in the base of the pen holder, the holder itself can be a little unstable since the bottom is narrower than the top and it's a bit tall.



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      Re: Medium Intuos 4 wireless tablet

      Users have mentioned that the surface can be made more slippery by taping a plastic sheet envelope to the active area. Any thoughts?

      At this point, after reading several opinions, I'm going with the wired. I'll deal with the short usb cable: I'll use an extension if I have to.

      As you, I don't want to get caught in a situation where the creative juices are flowing but the battery juices are not.

      Thank you for your feedback.


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