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Final battle: NEC EA231WMi Vs ViewSonic VP2365

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  • Monitors: Final battle: NEC EA231WMi Vs ViewSonic VP2365

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post in this forum, i discovered this website randomly and got stuck with it.

    I want to buy a monitor for my mac book pro.
    I do photography and retouching in a semipro level want to start up seriously my business but still my finance are tight so i came across this two

    NEC EA231WMi Vs ViewSonic VP2365

    ps:i will want to use it also for watch movies as i dont have any tv.

    Which one you guys think is the best one for me?


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    Re: Final battle: NEC EA231WMi Vs ViewSonic VP23

    I'd go for the NEC based upon the reviews on TFT Central.

    On paper they appear both the same colour wise, but the NEC offers higher uniformity, deeper black, higher contrast and lower input lag.


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