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Christmas Time, time for presents ;)

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  • Christmas Time, time for presents ;)

    My family is thinking about getting a digital Camera for christmas... I was wondering if anyone knew _anything_ about them. Which ones were best to use and so forth. It's either a camera or a new scanner, our old one is dieing.

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    There have been some good threads on the subject that you might want to read trough for good tips on digital cameras.

    These were just the ones I could find on a search. Hope they give you some insite.


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      Thanks Bunches!

      Thanks a lot that does help. I figured there was a thread somewhere I just couldn't find it


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        When looking for a digital camera it is important to ask yourself the following question

        Why am I buying digital?
        What do I hope to use the camera for? (very important!)
        What results do I expect from a digital camera?
        What are you planning on enlarging your images to...5x7 10x8 larger?
        How much am I willing to spend?

        This will help you track down the right camera, Personally I would decide on whether this is going to be used in a pro environment or just for images you feel like at the time. Then think about how much you are willing to spend? Go for the most advance camera, with the greatest pixel rating. Also look at the lens - is it a zoom? If so is it a digital zoom or optical - optical zoom is far better.

        Digital camera have got alot better over the past few years. I would not hesitate in buying another digital camera - but you need to read up before spending money. A few magazines for £3-£5 are nothing when you consider how much money you are about to spend!

        I would be interested in the one you choose. Remember to do some web searching to, this can raise questions you need to ask but had not thought about.

        Enjoy and experiment


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          Here is a website you may find useful.


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