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Quirky USB connection

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  • Quirky USB connection

    I bought my first digital camera last month, a Canon G-2 So far I have been extremly happy with the results from the camera even tho it is not the 35mm SLR form that I am used to. Eventually i will have to upgrade to something like the D-60 or its equivalent.

    However I am having some problems with the connection to the computer thru the USB cable. If I use the included software to download the RAW files to Photoshop or go directly to Photoshop and import the images eveything works fine.

    However if I try the remote capture program included with the camera or use Chris Breeze's G2capture program ( with the camera on and the lens cover off) neither remote capture program recognizes that the camera is connected.

    My first thought was that this might be a cable problem but then if the cable was faulty why does the download process work perfectly ????

    I did read the manual and they mentioned in there to always have the camera plugged into house current when attached to the computer and I tried that also but the results were the same.

    Any ideas what may be going on here ???

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    What version of Windows are you using...or Mac?


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      I am using Windows 2000 Pro. on a Dell Pentium 4


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        Sorry I missed your response COLONELFLAG...I'm not sure why the software would not recognize the camera. If it's connected via a hub, that may be causing a problem. The Canon website also recommends -

        "Check the camera. Make sure that your camera is ready for communication with your PC. Set the Main Dial (lower dial) to the Replay mode (blue arrowhead). "

        "If everything is correct to this point, Uninstall and Reinstall the USB Driver. Refer to the section entitled "Troubleshooting the USB Driver Installation" in the Software Starter Guide."

        For my camera, I just plug it in, turn it on and it shows up in "My Computer" as a removable Hard far as I know Win2000 should also do that if the USB driver is installed properly.


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          thanks Greg I will try to uninstall/re-install the drivers.

          Appreciate the assist


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