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BUDGET Monitor Suggestions?

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  • Monitors: BUDGET Monitor Suggestions?

    I'm looking to spend the least amount possible for a monitor (21" or bigger) that would be sufficient for a higher end amateur.
    Most of what I do that goes to print is family portraits and graduation pics.
    By 'go to print' I'm talking Walmart here, but you can get acceptable results on a good day.
    Sadly, I'm trying to keep it under $200 if possible.
    If anyone can make some recommendations, or at least tell me what to avoid, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: BUDGET Monitor Suggestions?

    LG IPS224V or IPS234v


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      Re: BUDGET Monitor Suggestions?

      Thanks Pictus. One reviewer on Amazon loved it and gave it 5 stars.
      The other, a 20 year photographer, hated it and gave it 2 stars.
      I saw $165.47 and fell in love. I may get that one.


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        Re: BUDGET Monitor Suggestions?

        Glad to help, here a review for the 234v

        Some info about monitors


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          Re: BUDGET Monitor Suggestions?

          Very informative. Thanks again.


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