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  • Monitor Calibrator Choice

    For years I worked in a print lab where I could borrow their x-rite monitor calibrator to calibrate my monitors at home. Now that I don't work there I'm going to buy one for myself and trying to decide between all of the brands.

    Working at different studios I've used most of the major brands of calibrators and they all have relatively the same UI and seem to get the correct results. I'm not calibrating a printer or projector nor am I working under conditions of changing lighting.

    What calibrator are you all using? and is there any major benefit to one brand or model over the others?

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    Re: Monitor Calibrator Choice

    Entry level models Spyder 4 or ColorMunki display should be fine. Suspect the ColorMunki may be the better choice. If you have deeper pockets or need better the X-Rite iDisplay units seem to be top of the league

    I use an old Spyder 2 which gets me where I need to be with print match to monitor although it could do with an upgrade when I change monitors


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      Re: Monitor Calibrator Choice

      The new ColorMunki Display and Display Pro are the same hardware. The ColorMunki cost less, takes longer to measure and comes with crippled software. The ability of the software to control the calibration such you get a visual match to a print (assuming that's your goal) is critical! Calibration don’t equal a match.


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