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Advice on what hardware to buy to start.

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  • Advice on what hardware to buy to start.

    Hi,i have recently become very interested in photo restoration,i have looked at many tutorials on youtube but recently bought a DVD from Infinite Skills by Andy Anderson as a starting point to learn the basics,my mum gave me a damaged photo of her as a baby as my first assignment which i copied by taking a photo of it with my Pentax K10D,to me,it looks like an acceptable copy,but then i have nothing to compare it with,my question is,to get started would this be acceptable way to copy photos in order to restore,i have seen some saying they use cameras and others prefer cameras,i am also thinking about a tablet aswell,i am one of those people that likes to do things right,but,at the same time i don't like to spend money unnecessarily.
    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: Advice on what hardware to buy to start.

    Personally, my preference is to first try to scan in full color (even if B&W photo). Next perhaps rotate picture ?? degrees and try another scan. If that still doesn't meet my needs I'll try to photograph in raw and use different types of lighting and angles.
    No idea if that's the best approach - just the one I use.


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      Re: Advice on what hardware to buy to start.

      I've never had success taking a photo of a photo. Could never get the lighting or angles correct.
      I'm far from being an expert but I would suggest a good scanner. You can scan slides as well if you get the right model.
      An essential tool in my opinion is a tablet. I really like my Wacom Intuos 3.
      Like all things I guess, get the best within your budget.
      Have fun.