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Differences between Epson 2400 & 2450

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  • Differences between Epson 2400 & 2450


    I'm very new at this forum (found the site last week) and I'm very impressed so far.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows the difference between the two Epson scanners 2400 & 2450?

    Being from Europe (Sweden) it seems like the 2400 is the only option for us on this side of the puddle, but most options, reviews etc. that I find on the internet is from the US and only covers the 2450.

    After looking at Epson's US-site I didn't get much viser, it seems to me that the only difference might be the connection (2450 has FireWire, but not the 2400), but I might be mistaken.

    If I could find decent info on the differences it would be easier to judge the 2400 from the reviews of the 2450.

    So, does anyone know the difference?



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    That's what I don't get, because at Epson's UK site (and the Swedish, but I don't bother linking that one for obvious reasons ) it says that the 2400 is 2400x4800 so I'm starting to wonder whether a US 2450 and a EU 2400 is more or less the same except for the FireWire connection.

    Thanks anyway though.

    Epson's UK site



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      jb, the differences are that the 2450 has a 4"x9" transparency capability while the 2400 is limited to 35mm. The firewire interface is another, and the software bundle includes Lasersoft Silverfast LE. I may be wrong but I think that the sensor is much better on the 2450 even though the scan resolution numbers are the same.

      I have the 2450 and I am very pleased with it's preformance. I wanted the best photo scanner in that price range and have not been disappointed. You can get better photo and transparency scanner but the price goes way up.


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        The main difference is that the 4'x5' transparency adapter is built into the 2450 and is an optional accessory for the 2400. The 2450 is being discontinued soon in favor of the 3200...always something new and better coming along! Link to 3200 discussion


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          Thank you everybody that took time and answered some newbie's questions.

          I think I got the info I needed.


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