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Help. Need pen for Intuos2.

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  • Help. Need pen for Intuos2.

    I've had my Intuos2 since 2003 but now the pen has stopped working which leaves me unable to do much work. I've tried Wacom but none of their current pens will work with the Intuos2.

    Does anyone either have a surplus Intuos2 pen for sale, or know where I may be able to purchase one online?

    Unfortunately I cannot afford a new tablet at this time as most of my work is now pro bono (I'm effectively retired and only do work for churches, charities and so on plus some digital paintings which I occasionally sell online.

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    Re: Help. Need pen for Intuos2. lists a few for sale. The buy-it-now listings are a bit high, but there are a couple of auctions that might pan out. For those prices, you might want to just consider getting a Bamboo, which I've heard very good things about.
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