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Major Issues with Spectraview under Mavericks...

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  • Major Issues with Spectraview under Mavericks...

    Hello everyone,
    So I just got a new computer, a 2009 Mac Pro. I put a brand new hard drive in, installed a fresh copy of Mavericks and proceeded to install the latest release of Spectraview after downloading and installing Java from Apple's website. It crashed on first boot, I was panicked and thought it might be the hardware but I did some diagnostics with Techtool Pro and everything passed with flying colours. So obviously I thought it was an issue with the OS being corrupted or something. I wiped my hard drive to be sure and installed a freshly downloaded copy of Mavericks. I installed Java, I also installed some CUDA drivers and a bunch of other stuff and then installed Spectraview. I did a first calibration and everything seemed fine and merry. I went into system preferences and ticked "Allow Spectraview to control my computer" under security and accessibility and did a reboot, just in case. I wanted to recalibrate a second time before installing my Adobe apps and there surprise! My NEC P221w was not detected by Spectraview! This had never, ever, ever happened to me before! In fact I had never had any issues with Spectraview until today. Is this due to the latest release you think? Or should I be worried about other software or hardware issues? I'd really appreciate your input, I'm really OCD about these things...

    Here's my hardware:

    Mac Pro 4,1 (2009)
    Xeon 2,66GHz Quad Core
    EVGA GTX 680 Mac Edition (2GB)
    16 GB OWC RAM

    Running: Mavericks 10.9.1
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    Re: Major Issues with Spectraview under Mavericks.

    No problems on this end running 10.9 and SpectraView on a Macbook Pro Retina.


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      Re: Major Issues with Spectraview under Mavericks.

      Thanks Andrew, are you using


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        Re: Major Issues with Spectraview under Mavericks. (build 140106)


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          Re: Major Issues with Spectraview under Mavericks.

          Hmm... Perhaps an issue related to my graphics card driver?


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