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    Looking over alot of the challenges and some of the terrific adding of color to the pictures on here (see: jeaniesa ) does anyone here have a graphic pad?

    I'm considering purchasing one in the near future, are they worth the trouble, have you used one, and also what size do you think it would most effecient?



    As a side note: Does anyone have Dish Network and see PhotoShop instructions on CCN (9405, I believe)?

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    Yes, I got a graphics tablet a year ago and now I can't figure out how I ever survived without one. The control it gives you is phenominal. The difference being whether or not you like drawing with a pen as you are used to or "soap on a rope".

    I got the Wacom Intous pen and a 6x8 tablet. That really seems to be a good size for me. It's the next step up from the smallest and I like the Intous better than the Graphire because of the added features it has.

    I didn't do a real search to compare with other kinds but I am very happy with the results of the Intous. The price runs about $270 for the 6x8 and about $80 for the Graphire.

    I really believe if you are serious in this restoration, then it's worth investing in the pen no matter whos you think is best. It's alot better than a mouse.



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      I got the Wacom Graphire in January. At that time I couldn't justify the added expense of the Intuos since I've been just "playing around" with editing my photos. I've been VERY happy with it, but don't really have anything to compare it too. I use the pen ALL the time - not just for photo work. I too can't imagine how I ever survived without one! -Jeanie


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        i agree with both the above; can't imagine working without it now. mine's the graphire, i also couldn't justify/afford the intuos. dj, what does the intuos do for the extra $. the graphire has been worth every penny.

        speaking of pennies, rick, have you considered a piggy bank for your avatar?


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          Actually, I was all set to get the Graphire but my husband asked me if I could get anyone without requard to the price which one would I pick. Well, I said the Intous. Little did I know at the time he decided to get me one for Christmas and some of my family went in on it. So I was lucky because I would have had a tough time justifying the cost also. But now that I have one I am thrilled with it. I really can't compare to actual use between the 2 since I never had the Graphire. Some of the things I liked about the Intous was the extra sensitivity and bigger tablet sizes and the tilt option although at the time I didn't realize how little Photoshop actually supported that feature. Another thing I liked was the ability to add to it with an Airbrush gun. Mostly I'm in aggreement with you both in that any pen is better than working with a mouse.

          If you're really curious about the actual differences here is a quick run down. It may help Rick decide if the cost justifys the added features. Like I said, if I had to pay for it, it was the Graphire I was perfectly happy with. I got this from the Wacom webpage. Here's more info for you Rick at this site if you are interested in info on the graphic tablets.

          Features Intuos vs Graphire2

          Pressure resolution 1024 vs 512
          Coordinate resolution 2540 vs 1015
          Size(s) 4x5, 6x8, 9x12
          12x12, 12x18 vs 4x5
          Pen Tilt yes vs no
          Menu Strip yes vs no
          Tool I.D. yes vs no
          QuickPoint 9x12, 12x12, 12x18 vs no
          Airbrush yes vs no
          4D Mouse yes vs no
          Graphire2 Mouse no vs yes
          Lens Cursor yes vs no



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