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Epson V700 & 126 Slides

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  • Epson V700 & 126 Slides

    Our museum purchased the Epson V700 for scanning of glass negatives & it did a great job on all 800+. Now we have uncovered 400+ slides, 300+ from 126 film.

    While it did fine with the 35mm slides, the Epson will not scan the 126's without cropping.

    Is there any way possible for me to capture the entire image? Since this is for preservation purposes, we really need the complete shot.

    I'm not concerned about using the supplied slide holder. I'm happy to do each one individually.

    I'm using the supplied Epson software & I've read some suggestions to uncheck the "thumbnail" box. Um, I don't have that option & Epson has no idea why not.


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    Re: Epson V700 & 126 Slides

    I think that you may have to resort to a bit of DIY using the Epson scan due to the problems you have encountered.

    It should be easy to fabricate a cardboard strip to accomodate a strip of your 126 films and place it on the scan bed. Measure carefully the height of the supplied film holders over the bed first and match this with your cardboard DIY.

    To scan first you will to set the Epson software to Professional mode and also select the document size 28x28mm (I think this is the format you mean?). Then just press the preview button and let the scanner complete. Move the marquee frame that appears after scanning to the desired image and you should be good to go. You can copy multiple marquees and place them as required on your preview scan.

    Another option is to have a look at the Vuescan software which I believe includes automatic cropping including the 126 size. Download the demo to confirm


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      Re: Epson V700 & 126 Slides

      Hi zea
      If you want some prebuilt film holders for that size that a look at this link:
      Hope the incremental information is useful.