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order todo after PC build - OS, drivers, firmware

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  • order todo after PC build - OS, drivers, firmware

    I will be building this later this week:
    Parts for reference only as this thread is about the order of things to

    I've upgraded a 2004 computer in 2006 but that has been all except some
    hard drive swaps.
    This will be my first build and I started to make a list of the order to
    do things and wanted to get some feedback.

    I have an old LCD monitor
    that I know the VGA port works but unknown if the DVI-D port works.

    Use power conditioner/surge protector
    1st assemble on top of motherboard box to see if all working: Install
    RAM, fan onto cpu cooler, install thermal paste, ( just 1 PWM 120mm fan
    then pushing into cpu cooler), videocard, dvd-RW drive (SATA 2 port),
    monitor VGA from motherboard port, SSD, then cpu cooler on CPU.
    POWER SUPPLY ON, BOOT computer
    Confirm video card fan spins, DVD drive spins up an Audio CD optical
    disc, CPU cooler fan spins. Boot to BIOS

    Ssd: confirm AHCI mode enables the TRIM feature to do its job.

    Shutdown, power supply off.
    Change monitor to DVI-D port.
    POWER on. Boot.
    If working then power down and stall video card. plug in dvi-d cable,
    unplug VGA cable
    Boot & confirm graphics card fans spin up
    Then put build in case, mount all SSD & HDD and tidy all cabling.
    SATA III 6 Gbps slot order:
    1. OS Level & Application Level SSD 128GB Samsung 840 PRO
    2. Cache Level (caching, scatch disk, vram, etc) SSD 128 GB)
    3. 2TB Data Level HDD (1TB-4TB) (do not plug in SATA cable yet
    SATA II 3 Gbps slot order
    4. 2TB hdd /backup =swap with other 3TB backup hdd for offsite
    5. DVD-RW optical drive
    6. 1TB Media HDD As another write Photoshop files & video to drive.

    Do not plug 2TB media HDD into power or SATA yet
    change the older 2TB HDD jumper for 3Gbps instead of 1.5Gbps speed.(i
    think remove jumper).
    SAME thing for older 1TB HDD

    Plug in Ethernet cable

    Install windows 8.1 OS

    Connect to Internet with Ethernet
    Register with my personal acct

    Download any motherboard firmware update
    Download videocard updated drivers
    Plug in videocard

    For both SSDs Disable Drive Indexing.
    Update windows 8.1 OS

    1.Administrator acct with simple password
    2. Guest internet acct

    Download Firefox browser

    Download from website:
    Zone Alarm Security Suite [Firewall/Antivirus] for Windows 7/8 [for
    Windows 7/8 64-bit] subscription. Download.
    Or ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2015 (64-bit)
    Install on OS drive
    Get Win8.1 update for Zone Alarm Security Suite download Speedfan , install on app drive
    Run speedfan for PWM fans-
    Download prime95

    Turn off network connection & turn off Zone alarm
    For 1 hour to test cpu instead of Prime95cpu test software
    Document temperatures
    -check Speedfan for CPU temperature & system temp under stress & Allow
    to idle.
    Test cpu for 1 hours using prime95 check Speedfan for CPU temperature &
    system temp under stress. Allow to idle 5 min.
    check Speedfan for CPU temperature & system temp, allow to idle .
    shutdown.Boot up. Check UEFI/bios the cpu & system temp. Then bootup.
    Check speed fan for temps and lower PWM fans speed to 60-70% for
    silence. Test.
    check Speedfan for CPU temperature & system temp under stress

    Printer drivers epson website 64-bit - install on OS drive
    Scanner drivers - hp website- 64-bit- install on OS drive
    wacom tablet drivers- download

    Turn off network connection & turn off Zone alarm

    Microsoft Office download,
    Adobe lightroom & photoshop creative cloud

    Change cache and location of LR previews

    Wacom website download drivers for win 8.1
    Install on OS SSD

    Download iTunes, install on app ssd
    Give username & password. Browse store.
    Update iTunes
    Uncheck box in preferences to keep a copy of songs.
    Point itunes to music folder on 2TB media HDD
    Allow to download artwork