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Recommendation for an inexpensive display

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  • Monitors: Recommendation for an inexpensive display

    I am going to get a replacement -
    these 3 are within a few dollars of each other -
    Dell U2412M,
    Viewsonic VP2365,
    NEC EA223WM
    Any advice ?

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    Re: Recommendation for an inexpensive display

    Hi frankg

    Of the three in question I would get the Dell U2412. Nice IPS technology display.

    I would not get the mentioned NEC display because it is a TN technology display with narrow angle of view which causes vairarions in tone and color with viewing angle (careful on how they quote viewing angles for TN technology). So IMHO I would steer clear of this one.

    I typically go for Dell, HP, NEC for well know names in monitors. The Viewsonic has good specs yet have not seen them high on the list of monitors for photo-editing those that I know. So it could be good yet I default to other brands based on experience.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: Recommendation for an inexpensive display

      Thank you v much


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        Re: Recommendation for an inexpensive display

        I'd go with some of the latest 27 inchers, notably:

        LG 27EA83R-D
        DELL U2713H (NOT the -HM which has a different gamut)
        Asus PA279Q

        These are all superb displays within a reasonable price. Specifically the LG is a steal considering its color accuracy and adobergb, hardware calibration-capable screen.

        Asus is the most expensive from the group but comes with a dedicated hood and the build quality is excellent. There's also a cheapier PB278Q which, like the DELL U2713HM covers sRGB only and doesn't have the perks of its more expensive brother (e.g. 4-port USB 3.0 hub which is great for someone working on a laptop).
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          Re: Recommendation for an inexpensive display

          Simple, stick with the NEC, ideally a SpectaView with their software.


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            Re: Recommendation for an inexpensive display

            Originally posted by andrewrodney View Post
            Simple, stick with the NEC, ideally a SpectaView with their software.
            The beforementioned NEC is a TN panel and my guess is 9 out of 10 panels from SpectraView series are out of the budget.

            I know two cheap displays from renowned brands which are worth checking out:
            Eizo CS230
            NEC SV 232.

            however I haven't used the second one.

            The downsize is the resolution - instead of the regular 1920x1200 you get 1920x1080 .


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