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  • Wacom misbehaving

    I'm currently working at a client site and using PS 6 with a Intuos3 tablet. It has started to feel really skittish - polygonal lasso lines not quite following the right line, scrolling numbers shooting uncontrollably up to max, cloning start points and target areas jumping about, trying to fill selections with mask but filling solid colour instead etc. I had a look at the pen settings and everything seems normal: I even set them to default to gauge the effect. Still skittish. The mouse is working fine so I'm assuming it's the Wacom. I had some issues a while back with polygonal lasso and keyboard commands not working which were caused by a known bug using Wacom with PS6 and Mavericks but I'm not sure this is related. Any ideas what could cause this behaviour and how it may be corrected?

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    Re: Wacom misbehaving

    I would install the plugin found in this thread:

    Also, there should be a Wacom utility to delete the Intuos driver. Delete first, then download/install the latest.


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      Re: Wacom misbehaving

      Wow - can of worms there Flash. Cheers, I'll follow that up.


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        Re: Wacom misbehaving

        I had that white windows issue a while ago and installed the plugin found on this page: It solved the white windows and photoshop freezing issue.

        I was also having other issues with my wacom intous 4 that the plugin did not fix:

        !.) it was sometimes grabbing layers when I clicked on one and not releasing when I clicked off so the layer would move and change its position in the layer stack.

        2.)Photoshop cc would continue painting or cloning even after I had lifted my pen off of the tablet.

        It turned out the sensor or logic board (not sure what it is called) inside the pen was broken and I had to replace the pen. I kept the tablet as there wasn't any problem with it.

        Over the years I've had to replace a few intuos pens that had sensors gone bad and think that the sensors can easily get damaged from sometimes having to exert force when removing the used nibs with pliers.
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          Re: Wacom misbehaving

          If you have the Intuos3 plugged into anything other than a powered hub (maybe even then) it will behave erratically.


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            Re: Wacom misbehaving

            This is where I got my new driver works great now.


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              Re: Wacom misbehaving

              Thanks for all the input folks - it was the pen. Caravaggio's post prompted me to grab a colleagues pen which worked a treat and cured the erratic behaviour. That's the first time in 25 years so I'll cut wacom some slack this time


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                Re: Wacom misbehaving

                I used a damaged wacom for years without realizing that it was damaged and just accepted that wacom's behave erratically. It wasn't until I tried to change the nib and had to use a pliers (as the nib was very stuck) which caused the entire to come apart that I could see that the chip or whatever it is inside the pen was damaged. When I got my new pen it was the first time ever that I was able to make jewelry paths using a tablet. Prior to the new pen I would never have attempted paths without using a mouse.


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