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  • Vivitar flash manuals

    I picked up a couple of vivitar 285 flash units almost a year ago, intending to use them for some studio flash situations. However I bought them on Ebay and they did not come with any manuals or documentation at all. They seem to work well but I would sure like to get an owners manual so I wasn't always in a hit or miss situtation with them. I wrote to Vivitar almost immedietely after I purchased them and asked for the manuals but they never responded. Does anybody know where I might find operating info on these or does anyobdy have a manual that they either no longer need or could duplicate. I am not looking for hand outs I was willing to pay Vivitar for the manual and I am certainly willing to pay for the manual and or/ the mailing. Thanks


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    Hi Ken,

    I did a search on google, and came up with these posts:


    in both of them there's people who have a copy and are willing to email it.

    - David


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      See if your manual is here. They have one for a 285 HV flash, I don't know the difference.

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        Thanks for the quick and useful replies. I can't believe I have floundered all this time when the info I needed was right there for the asking. Thanks again and this just is another indication of the wealth of infomation and assistance that this board provides.



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