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  • Intuos Pro Large issues

    Hi folks. I recently bought a high spec iMac (Yosemite and PS) and slapped an Intuos Pro tablet on it for good measure. All well and good but sometimes, while attempting to scroll up or down an image, the screen has a tendency to dart about uncontrollably even though the pen is not in close proximity to the tablet. I have to press the pen down to the to halt the process. Other times I'll be dialling in a larger brush size (moving the slider in the brush menu) and the size will shoot up to 5000! P in the A as invariably I've started brushing the image before noticing! Lastly I'd like to disenable all functions except pen pressure. The buttons on the side of the tablet are constantly activating and displaying the menu on screen even though I have pressed the Off option. I really don't use them. Any ideas on the above issues. Cheers!

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    Re: Intuos Pro Large issues

    Yosemite is still a little rough, but there isn't any Mavericks build that works with the (guessing) retina imac. The buttons can be enabled/disabled or customized via a pane in system preferences. If you don't see one, make sure to install the latest driver found here. I've had that jitter issue with the last couple versions of OSX. It seems to happen slightly less now that I disabled the bounceback animation via the terminal.

    Also a little off topic, but how is it in terms of glare? The newer coatings seem like a huge improvement, but judging from the way they look in store, I would have trouble with one in anything but very low ambient lighting.


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      Re: Intuos Pro Large issues

      I'll have to dig deeper into the menu I guess but I've ticked all the disenable boxes at the top level. The screen issue isn't the problem it used to be on earlier models plus I also work in a darkened room. Ironically the screen is almost too clear compared to monitors I've worked on over the years and will take some getting used to.


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        Re: Intuos Pro Large issues

        It's a long shot, but how close is your Wacom to your screen?

        Another thing is do you have any background utilities running?
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          Re: Intuos Pro Large issues

          To disable all those functions, I marked the relevant part of the Wacom preferences in red.
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            Re: Intuos Pro Large issues

            I'll check those issues thanks Doug.
            Thanks Flash. My gripe is every time my hand/arm sweeps across the actual tablet buttons (diagram of which illustrated above) it brings up a display on screen informing me everything is OFF and in DISENABLED mode! (I mean the orange outline graphic as opposed to the more detailed page illustrated above). I hope it's just me missing a 'master' dialogue box somewhere or I'll go nuts.
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              Re: Intuos Pro Large issues

              I meant to check mine with the tablet plugged in, but it's an older model. I don't think I get the same icons. My intuos 3 is pretty worn, but it still works. The only thing that really annoys me is that stupid cord pinch. Wacom has terrible cabling for whatever reason.


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                Re: Intuos Pro Large issues

                Quick tip: the new Intuos by default adds settings for Photoshop. So you turn everything off and it's all still on. Open Photoshop then go to Wacom Settings and there should be a tab for Photoshop settings (under Applications, see Doug's screenshot). Turn it off in there and then it should REALLY be off.

                Annoyed the shit out of me.
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                  Re: Intuos Pro Large issues

                  I had the same issues when I updated to Yosemite. I was freaking out thinking my tablet was broken! I disabled the buttons on the pen (not the others) and it helped a little but not much. I got on the phone with the Wacom people and they told me to install the latest driver and the issue went away mostly all the time. Occasionally I have issues, so I will try and disable ALL the buttons on the side. Thank you kelv and flashtone!

                  Another thing I've noticed is that my keyboard shortcuts sometimes do not work. Any ideas?


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                    Re: Intuos Pro Large issues

                    Thanks DJ; why do they hide these key features! Anyway it worked for a while and then stopped working so I'll let it sleep on it overnight and try it again tomorrow.

                    nrotunda - take a look at this thread re keyboard...



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