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Do Tablets Wear Out?

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  • Tablets: Do Tablets Wear Out?

    I've had my trusty Intuos 2 for something like 10 years now. I use it constantly, with its dedicated mouse even for things like web browsing.

    A few months back I noticed things like it was doubleclicking without me asking it to. I tried uninstall/reinstall on the driver, trying a different USB port, even replacing the mouse. No difference.

    It's only occasional, but can be annoying, like when it selects all the text on a webpage I was only reading and won't unselect it. If I switch to the pen it sorts everything out, but only temporarily.

    I have to wonder if the tablet itself isn't wearing out. I do use it heavily, even if it's not 100% for the use it was intended for.

    Calling Wacom gets a "this is no longer a supported product".

    Windows 7 64bit, all latest patches and drivers.
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    Re: Do Tablets Wear Out?

    They have a few problems. The 2s would occasionally crack. The 3s and later all had soldering issues with the usb chips. The cords were also terrible. It's unsupported because they haven't sold that device since somewhere around 2006 or 2007. Companies keep extra components around for repairs, typically alongside components that are suitable for refurbishment. They may have a dedicated policy as to how long hardware support is offered, or it may just be while supplies last. Some cut it off much sooner. For example X-Rite dropped support for the DTP-94 around a year after they stopped selling them if my memory is correct.


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      Re: Do Tablets Wear Out?

      My first gen Bamboo is still going strong, despite being carried (literally) around the world. It's sturdier than the next iterations that's for sure. Lost its matte look across the touch pane many moons ago, but that's okay.

      Anyway, it served you well through these years. Looks like there is a time for replacement!


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        Re: Do Tablets Wear Out?

        I have one of the same vintage on a back-up Mac that is still going strong. They are generally bullet proof but the latest system software updates in Mac have caused a few glitches. I have never used the mouse so you are welcome to have it if you think it might help.


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          Re: Do Tablets Wear Out?

          Less is more and later product revisions show stronger parts but softer as well. I had these things drop and then come apart. Bamboo I am using. It almost as if they were pushing for me to use the wireless on purpose. the USB cable is garbage with the later model but the earlier model has an stronger USB cable. Asides for that I am using an touch-screen ( tablet with video image ) that is amazing and all; but the keyboard is an hellish nightmare. Then of course are the buttons. Some buttons are nicely shaped while others are terrible

          One day these tables are going to be paper thin and have this and that but I find many features I am not even using right now. Besides we are being trained with mouse and keyboard.


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            Re: Do Tablets Wear Out?

            I previously owned an intuos 2 and currently use an intuos 4. From my experience, the older tablets and pens were better made. The newer one had a defective sensor that had to be replaced and the usb cable became bent and frayed from normal usage and was replaced as well. Still I like the newer one better because the pen is slimmer and more comfortable in my hand and so better suited for drawing and painting. I also liked the greater levels of pressure sensitivity. (I think the same pen is used in the intuos pro line.)

            Wacom can't tempt me to buy a new tablet until they produce a pen that has greater levels of sensitivity than the one I currently own.

            I never had any use for the mouse that shipped with intuos models and through them away within a day of using. (It always felt like driving a big boat around a small pond.) I never liked the express keys which I was always accidentally activating so turned them off. I always disliked the switch on the pens which felt awkward in my hand so pulled them out with a pliers and covered the holes with a plastic sleeve.
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              Re: Do Tablets Wear Out?

              First batches of Intuos 4 had problems with surface of the tablet wearing out, and then Wacom released a "cover" to make it last longer, and in the end they started to make it differently, so the surface is similar to the Intuos 3. It was a huge mess.

              Also, pen is a joke, their "airbrush" is much more ergonomical.


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