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  • ydelle1

    here is a question for anyone--haven't been posting because I haven't had a PC for a long time just a Mac and all my design programs are PC based-so coming to my ? if all the memory 4gb and ram 1tb were the same would you get a HP 4400 or a Dell 755. These are refurbished with keyboard and monitor.
    thank you for any help you can give. Oh and they come with Microsoft 7 pro, but I don't know if I have photoshop 7 if I need 64 or 32 bit

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    Re: ydelle1

    Photoshop 7 will not run on Windows 7. It doesn't matter whether you install 32 or 64 bit Windows 7. Photoshop version 7 is too old.


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      Re: ydelle1

      sorry but it works on windows 7 professional


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        Re: ydelle1

        We're talking about the same photoshop 7 that came out something like 13 years ago? I know it's not supported on Windows 7. I'm surprised that it would run at all.


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          Re: ydelle1

          If you don't need it boxed, get an Adobe Subscription for Photoshop and Lightroom - Of course you might go with the CaptureOne Pro for the raw treatment for 8 EUR a month. Either way, really go with the latest software.

          What configuration we're talking about? Regarding CPU


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