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  • What's your video card?

    GPU acceleration has complicated the video card conversation, particularly since Photoshop has rather spotty support. But Lightroom 6 is due any day now, and reportedly will be 100x faster due to OpenCL acceleration.

    So my question is, what vidcard do you use and would you upgrade for a speed increase in Photoshop and/or Lightroom? Or have you already upgraded, and did you notice a speed increase?
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    Re: What's your video card?

    Wait to see real world results. There will probably be some spec requirements in terms of vram and version supported. It's not the most stable framework, so you may see a specific list of tested cards.


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      Re: What's your video card?

      Well most of the time I'm running on an integrated Iris Pro 5200 GPU and it got noticeably faster with the new Capture One Pro 8 which seemingly uses OpenCL a lot. I mean, it used it before but it's much faster now. Video authoring software might benefit from CUDA but judging by the fact how many notebooks get shipped with the Iris GPU I'd say OpenCL is a weapon of choice.

      LR was always way faster for me than C1 but I have never came to terms with its color rendering.


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