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Wacom 90 Degrees / Portrait?

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  • Wacom 90 Degrees / Portrait?

    So, I just started using a Wacom, Cintiq 13. I have my screen setup as an extended desktop (MAC) on 90 degrees, and have started experiencing some serious lag in Lightroom, even though I recalibrated the pen for the degree change. Is it LR6, the Wacom at 90, or something else causing the issue? I have turned the tablet back to the standard landscape and the lag has lessened (a lot) but is still there, and when I turn it back to 90 the issue comes back like a dirty demon; I would say about 30min or so while working / painting masks does it really become a total pain. Of course I could not use portrait, but I just wanted some clarity on the issue. I've always wondered why such a display option exists, and now that I have found a use for it & really like it, it would be super awesome if things worked out better. Thoughts?

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    Re: Wacom 90 Degrees / Portrait?

    Have you tried any other programs to see if they also slow down?
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      Re: Wacom 90 Degrees / Portrait?

      Lightroom isn't really what the tablets are for. You can make masks in lightroom, sure, but it's so much easier in PS. But that doesn't explain the lag. Try working in something like PS and see if it slows down?
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        Re: Wacom 90 Degrees / Portrait?

        Yep, Lightroom was the problem. I used Photoshop and AKVIS SmartMask for about two hours in portrait mode and everything functioned perfectly, no lag at all. I just love the ease of creating makeup and skin toning brush presets in LR, but meh, gurrr Adobe. That was simple. Thanks.


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