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recommendations on a new scanner

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    Re: recommendations on a new scanner

    Originally posted by Tony W View Post
    TBH the comparison is not meaningful. They really should be from the same negative and both examples should be made to get the best out of each scan then a cropped section displayed
    Absolutely agree.


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      Re: recommendations on a new scanner

      Nope. It's not a test. It's just for fun, take a wild guess and so on. There are plenty of good reads available - there is a review somewhere which compares both the Coolscan and Imacon as well as Epson v750 and some other manufacturers and spans to 100 (one hundred) pages PDF file, covering every single detail you can think of.


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        Re: recommendations on a new scanner;topicseen
        Jump on this, you might get an Imacon (which WILL blow the doors off the Epson and Nikon) for $1400.


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          Re: recommendations on a new scanner

          Originally posted by andrewrodney View Post
          Jump on this, you might get an Imacon (which WILL blow the doors off the Epson and Nikon) for $1400.
          Now you are talking! At a price that is less than asking price of many Nikon scanners on the bay. Some enterprising person could probably buy it and recover the cost by offering a high quality scanning service


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            You can buy the latest HP Scanjet 8270 Document Flatbed scanner. The price is not very much but it is very powerful and will do your job perfectly. It has 4800 DPI. The most brilliant thing about it is it very energy efficient and it weights only 1.6 kg so You can carry it along with you.


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