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  • Wacom Pen issue

    Had a problem not long ago where the pen would only draw a thin line, irrespective of the brush setting in PS (using PS 2015 cc on Windows 7 with SP1). The problem was solved by switching the airbrush 'on'. Now the same problem occurs, but cannot sort it out. Also get the message 'tablet driver not working', so re-installed the latest driver. The Wacom site is filled with similar problems, but no apparent solution. Is this Windows only? Asking because the Mac users don't seem to have this problem, and I know of some who also use the same model Wacom (Intuous 5 pro). Any suggestions/ solutions?

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    Re: Wacom Pen issue

    Not too sure about your problem, but I am having major issues with my Wacom and Photoshop after installing Yosemite.


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      Re: Wacom Pen issue

      Bear in mind that you are talking Mac, me Windows. There have bee numerous issues with Windows updates, to the extent that I have turned off the auto update function.


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