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Mitsubishi monitors for photo retouching

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  • Mitsubishi monitors for photo retouching

    It seems difficult to find any info regarding Mitsubishi monitors for professional photographic retouching. Such as finding all details related to all of the following: which ones they are, their color gamut+response time+refresh rate+bit depth+color accuracy+black point luminance.

    So my question is:
    Which Mitsubishi monitor is great for photo retouching, and how does that compare to whichever the competition is?

    Are there any of you which use Mitsubishi monitors to great effect? Are there people who still want to buy them considering how everything switched to LCD, or is their day over now that CRTs are no longer in demand? Do they even make LCDs with enough quality to compare to Eizo?

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    Re: Mitsubishi monitors for photo retouching

    They are probably still really good, but monitors are not Mitsubishi corporation's priority at the moment, so I don't think there is any real distribution.

    Why not just get an Eizo?

    Everyone is making such a huge fuss around monitors, I'm using the old old old Cinema display and have no complaints.


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      Re: Mitsubishi monitors for photo retouching

      Years ago you would see co-branded NEC Mitsubishi displays, which were quite good. A couple earlier Eizos and NEC lcd displays also used Mitsubishi branded panels. I'm not sure about the newest ones. I highly doubt you will find anyone on here who has used anything with Mitsubishi branding in the past decade.


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        Re: Mitsubishi monitors for photo retouching

        Monitors for professional photographic retouching; Eizo and NEC SpectraView.


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