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    I came across this website via link from ( when I was looking for a PS speed test. The originator of the post is Doug Nelson, 06/23/2004. I didn't read then entire thread, but it appeared that most timings came in between 2'30" to 5'00" using the below test.
    In Photoshop, make a new RGB white bg 8x10 300ppi document. Open Add Noise and set to Uniform, Monochromatic, 400% and click OK. Then open Radial Blur, set to Amount 100, Method Zoom, Quality Best but do not hit OK yet.
    Even though the test is dated I thought I would run it on my HP Laptop, Intel i5 M460 2.53GHz, 8 GB of high speed RAM and Windows 10.

    My time came in at 0'21" on a 3 year old laptop. It is amazing how far we have come in computing power: 2' to 5' on the better machines was a good score.

    My first experience with computers was as a Field Engineer for IBM in 1967. My ultimate client was a Shell Data Center in Menlo Park, CA. The entire data center, comprised of 4 IBM360/50, 3 IBM360/30 and 1 IBM360/20 = oh, and they had a 300 BAUD dedicated telephone line to their Houston data facility. If all of these machines' computing power was combined the typical Smart Phone would run circles around those IBM360s.

    Yes, we have made some progress in computing technology.

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    Re: My first post

    Thanks for the update. I'd forgotten about that old thread.
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