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Graphic Card for Wide Gamut Displays.


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    Re: Graphic Card for Wide Gamut Displays.

    Originally posted by Tony W View Post
    And nothing has altered to change that view in this post

    In answer to the card numbers relate to series and 600 2000 mentioned as compatible, you wrote:
    Perhaps you are running a different or backwards browser because in mine shortly after the Adobe introduction about taking advantage of graphics cards and in the section appropriately titled Which graphics cards are tested? the first paragraph states:
    Adobe tested the following graphics processing cards (GPUs) before the release of Photoshop CC 2015. This document lists the cards by series. The minimum amount of graphics processor VRAM supported for Photoshop is 512 MB ...
    Yeah. That page isn't always the cleanest. It describes OpenGL drawing features, filters that are overloaded to use parts of the OpenCL framework if available, and the issue of 10 bit drivers. It conflates a lot of things. When I said newest architecture, it was just so that it would run as long as possible.

    Originally posted by Tony W View Post

    Very vague and flaky - where are the specifics you feel that you always stick to i.e. examples of current displays/drivers and their associated bugs?
    It isn't applicable in this case. You mentioned NEC and Eizo. Both ship software with their displays. They list any known problems in their help documentation. When he mentioned specs before, I thought it was one of these. The real problem was that the pages that go to that Asus model do a very poor job of distinguishing the model number. It's off to the side, which is why I think the OP described it that way.

    Originally posted by Tony W View Post
    Who are you to be telling us guys to cross reference when you appear to be incapable of doing the same?

    The OP made it fairly clear in the first post what the monitor basic are without mentioning brand
    "monitor configuration is - AH-IPS 16:9 2560 x 1440, 99% Adobe RGB Color,10-bit color, 14 bit internal LUT."
    From this it is a short step to conclude that as long as the rest of the chain supports a 10 bit pipeline then the only graphics card offering support are either Quadro or Firepro
    I'll let you have the last word on this topic, because I've clarified it sufficiently well already.

    It just specifies the number of bits used internally and doesn't tell you anything about what is allowed over that connection. Quadro and Firepro are odd in that they sometimes omit certain features on the low end if the low end still uses an older architecture. It's more confusing than it should be.

    Originally posted by Tony W View Post
    Condescending and wrong again!
    Interesting that the CS6 page very similar to the CC page including quoting early on that cards tested from the series. Included in both CS6 and CC links are the Quadro cards mentioned in my post i.e. the 620 or the K2200

    Why are you not asking the question what other software does the OP run? For instance if he happens to run CAD or 3D he may need to go for the Nvidia K2200 over the K620 the 2000 series offering generally better faster spec. depending on the app.
    He has posted on here for a long time. I didn't see any mention of it in all that time. Otherwise I do ask and I ask how they use it. Like photoshop the requirements for other software depend heavily on how hard you push it.

    Originally posted by Tony W View Post
    IMO there is enough evidence to support the case that 30 bit display works within Windows 7 and up
    Note if you tick the 30 Bit Display option in the Advanced GPU Setup menu you will need to confirm by testing with a test ramp.
    I was looking at the complaints on one of the Adobe threads that certain drivers wouldn't work in Windows 8/10. I think it's in one of the ones I linked. Otherwise if you're interested I'll look for it again.

    Originally posted by ashphotoart View Post
    read studied and searched the points.
    guys, give me your opinion about hardware, I'm going through with these -

    (1) Asus PA279Q AH-IPS with 10bit color support.
    (2) nVidia Quadro K620 Graphic Card.
    (3) Asus H87-Pro motherboard

    thank you in advance.
    It will work. Firepros are usually cheaper. Sometimes they have problems, but a W2100 is about 60% the cost of that card in the US.
    Last edited by klev; 01-10-2016, 02:47 PM.