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injet color printer for home use and design

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  • Printers: injet color printer for home use and design

    I am in need for a new printer and need advise. My Epson xp420 just stopped feeding the paper the right way. had a Canon -Lexmark so I don't have any knowledge of the other brands. don't need to fax feature but need high resolution. Don't need or want to spend a fortune because of the life line.
    thanks in advance.

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    Epson R300
    by agillette
    Hello All,

    I recently purchase a new printer. After debating over several different printers, i settled on the Epson R300. My questiosn is, did i make a good choice?

    Here is a list of the other Epson printers i was looking into:
    02-21-2005, 08:53 PM
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  • travisfam
    epson 2200 postscript rip
    by travisfam
    I need a new color postscipt printer, (inkjet or laser) that I can use for page layout programs.
    I am looking at the epson 2200 with the postscript rip. Does anyone have experience with it and it is worth buying.

    I had an Epson 1280 with a rip which worked great on OS9, but they...
    03-15-2005, 06:24 PM
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    HP color laser printer 1312
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    I've having trouble printing color photographs with this printer. At first I thought it might be the paper but even with special laser printer paper the ink flakes off sometimes and smears over the sheet.

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    Printer advice
    by Paris
    I'm hoping someone can help me..

    I need a new printer. My budget is not great, but I have narrowed down 2 printers and I'm hoping someone has some idea of the worth of them. I've read reviews elsewhere, but hands-on users are a much better source of infomation.

    The nominees...
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