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Laptop Close to monitors like Eizo

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    Re: Laptop Close to monitors like Eizo

    Thankyou folks. This helps me to an extent but still not completely convinced . A lot of research leads me to believe that Asus UX501VW and Dell XPS 15 9550 seem good enough for editing and stuff as they offer close to 100 percent Adobe RGB but sadly both of these models are not available here in India. Macbooks are good but certainly the configs are not worth the price. Someone told me that macbooks even with such low configs are faster than others. Is that true. ?

    Asus ROG GL553VE is what am planning to go for coz that I feel would atleast give me the speed if not 100 percent close to the display I want.


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      Re: Laptop Close to monitors like Eizo

      Originally posted by Damo77 View Post
      I have an ASUS ROG laptop, and its screen is BEAUTIFUL.

      The whole laptop is beautiful, in fact. I've had it for many years, and it's still going strong. Whenever it eventually dies, I'll definitely be getting another.
      But ROG series is just launched right. How come you have it for these many years ?
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        Re: Laptop Close to monitors like Eizo

        No, not just launched. It has been around for quite a while.


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