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Laptop Close to monitors like Eizo

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  • Tony W
    Re: Laptop Close to monitors like Eizo

    The Lenovo and Asus seem to be aimed at gamers. Not suggesting that is necessarily a bad thing but....

    For Photoshop performance you will get the best from the fastest CPU you can find and max out on memory. With loads of memory the scratch disk although used to write will not be used to read which is likely to be the area where slowdowns will be observed. An SSD is a nice feature to have but will not affect the speed of PS other than faster start up Lightroom a little different I believe.

    A decent spec graphics card is advised due to the fact that PS and LR can both utilise GPU acceleration and while at the moment only slight gains in future builds we can expect better?

    Although I have both PC and Mac my bias is PC. If you must go the laptop route it is highly likely that you will find the monitor and graphics limiting and therefore you may want to budget for a monitor from either NEC or Eizo. Bear in mind that even this route limits you as the graphics card unlikely to be upgradable.

    While limiting relating to portability a midi tower (or tower) PC, or the Apple equivalent with a good NEC or Eizo monitor is IMHO always going to be first preference.

    If you have to use a laptop due to rough editing or tethering in the field then do the serious stuff using a seperate monitor back at base fine, but a suggestion would be to look at the laptop screen spec and try to find one that is matt (anti glare) as this will broaden your choice of editing environment.

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  • skoobey
    Re: Laptop Close to monitors like Eizo

    I use a Mac but slash that right away. I would also look into Alienware, they are great machines, buy you have to look for the display details as I have no idea about the display performance.

    MBP right now is just not worth it. Display is the best, but the rest(including the price) is a joke. So underpowered. Either get the last gen MBP (still on sale as new and a great machine) or wait for the next update.

    Whatever you buy, don't fool yourself into thinking that you don't need a monitor if you get a great laptop. No way no how. Also, you can get a great tower, and a great monitor and a good laptop for the price of a single top of the line laptop machine. I did go that route, and would do it again(more is more).

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  • manishbjain
    started a topic Laptop Close to monitors like Eizo

    Laptop Close to monitors like Eizo

    Hello ,

    I have posted this earlier too and am still looking for the answer as am still confused . I am basically looking to buy a laptop that will offer me the best color management possibility and also offer me robust speed for all my graphic works for print and 3D stuff, So there are two features that I am basically looking at

    1. Speed
    2. Color Mangement (that will help me get close to what I am going to print)

    There are few laptops that I am considering

    Lenovo Y700 Series
    Asus ROG (GL553VE)
    Apple Macook Pro.

    Can you please advice me the best among these or anything else you can think of.

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