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I need a new monitor but?

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  • I need a new monitor but?

    High everyone, I hope you can help me out here.
    I've been using dual 15" monitors for a number of years but my primary unit is starting to take forever to warm up. I need a new one. But...

    Pure white "FFFFFF" on all the 17/19" monitors I've looked at appears drab and dingy (on my old monitors this white is a brilliant snow white). Is this normal for the new monitors?

    I've adjusted the black point and even set color temperature on the new monitors to 9300 (which s/b 6500) but it doesn't brighten the whites much.

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    I assume you've pushed the brightness all the way to 100?



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      Good Question Jeanie

      Unfortunately, setting the brightness to 100% would ruin the black point setting. This is achieved by setting your background to solid black, adjusting the contrast to 100%, then reducing the brightness until the your background color appears pure black. The next step is to set the gamma adjustment for the correct gray point.


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        Ah, right! I knew that! Momentary brain fart apparently. (I've done that procedure tons of times myself.)

        Well, now that we have that out of the way, I don't have a clue! I'm surprised changing the color temp to 9300 doesn't help. Have you been looking at these new monitors at store shelf displays? Is it possible that the display monitors are worn out from being used so much?



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          I knew you knew that Jeanie

          No it's not just the store monitors, I've actually taken a couple 17" monitors home (for a trial period) and I get the same results.
          How bright is the whites on your monitor Jeanie? Like a new page in MS word.

          My old monitor shows White brighter than Bright White Paper 99+ Brightness. The new monitors seem to be little bright than news print.


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            I don't even want to DISCUSS my monitor!! I bought a (supposedly) refurbished one that arrived with horrible uneven discoloration (yellowish to bluish hues) across the screen. Sent it back and received another with the same problem, but discoloration pattern was different. Sent it back and received another one. Similar problem, but pattern was REALLY different. Sent it back and received one with just slight variations and at that point they had worn me down enough (these were all 22" CRTs) that I didn't bother to call and complain. But, I keep telling myself I'm going to. The left side has a noticeable "yellowish" color temp while the upper right has a noticeable "bluish" hue. It's terrible when working with neutral tones because the image looks different depending on where it is on my monitor. Even working with color it's been driving me crazy - I thought I'd used two different colors on my web page mockup, but when I double checked I realized it was "just" the way the monitor was displaying it. How the heck am I supposed to calibrate a monitor like this?!? Not only that, but the horizontal lines of the aperture grill seem much more noticeable on this monitor than others I've worked on (for the past 10 years) and there are a couple very thin vertical lines that look like a scratch on the INSIDE of the glass!

            Hmmm - maybe I should call tech support once again. Obviously, I'm not "getting used to" these issues!

            So, it's hard to say how "white" a new Word document looks - which part of the monitor would you like me to look at?

            Probably more than you wanted to know about my monitor!


            P.S. I have spent literally hours on the phone with tech support people and none of them have been able to solve my issues with the monitors. I have moved them to a different room in the house, turned them to face all four directions, hooked them up to different computer with different cables, adjusted every button there is to adjust. Nothing has helped.


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              Interesting thought Chuck

              Looking over the specs I noticed that the new monitors specify that their screens are coated to cut down reflections. Could this result in a less "intense" color display? sort of like looking at your monitor with sunglasses on. By the way, how bright are your whites Chuck?

              Also, how do you judge the quality of a monitor? What makes one better than another? (discounting a monitor from hell like Jeanie ended up with).


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                I have 17" LG Flatrons at home and at work. The one at work has the gray effect you mention (and brightness is cranked up to max) yet the one at home is excellent. Fortunately, I don't have to do any color manipulations on the one at work.

                It must be something to do with the luck of the draw


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                  Have you looked at any Samsung monitors? they have a line called MagicBright which are high brightness flat CRT monitors. however, I don't know if that would be better since it probably affects the entire color brightness, not just the whites.

                  - David


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                    Yes But!

                    This has more impact than just personal preferences or whether you like your monitor or not.

                    When making adjustments to photos we try to make the images as lifelike as possible. On my ultra bright terminal I tend to subdue the intensity of the colors to make them more natural. But if the majority of (new) monitors people are buying are basically dull, then, when I post an image (to RetouchPro) my images will appear very dull on these machines. If, on the other hand, I use a monitor comperable to what everyone else is using, my images will appear as I intended. Does this make any sense?

                    Therefore I guess I'm trying to discover if these "duller" monitors are the norm or becoming the norm.

                    By the way, here is a link to an excellent test pattern program for adjusting monitors.


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                      im in process of sending back a monitor that had much warmer yellow in the middle. From reading around I found that a worn out shadow mask will show this problem. However both that and my other monitors havent had a problem with being not bright enough. I have mine lowered in fact. It is easier on the eyes and better represents printed material.

                      Some monitors do have an adjustment so that you can adjust color on the individual corners. Probably like everything these days, quality control is lacking


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                        Lost $ Confused

                        This problem might be most evident in the new "flat" screen monitors. I looked at a 19" Samsung without a flat screen and it had significantly brighter whites. I guess I'll just have to continue shopping around and asking questions.



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                          After comparing a number of 17" flat monitors I finally settled on the KDS XF-7b. The XF stands for extremely flat, which it is.

                          This monitor produces excellent color and crisp black text. Unlike my 15" monitors (with very brilliant whites) the whites on the XF-7b are an eggshell white (comparable to other brands I tested). It was easy to set the black point correctly with plenty of brightness headroom.

                          One discrepancy I found with all flat screen monitors was the inability to achieve truly square windows. If I want smaller open windows to appear square then the desktop must have distinctly curved sides.

                          Another problem I found on every unit I tested was a distinct blooming of the desktop. "when you open a new window, the edges of the desktop expand outward". Research I've done indicates this is a power supply problem, either poor design or poor quality/failing components. The XF-7b was slightly worse than other units.

                          One thing to watch out for is the new Samsung "Magic Bright" or ViewSonic "Ultra Bright" monitors. They're very bright but it's impossible to set the black point correctly on these systems.

                          If you are looking for a new monitor I would easily recommend the KDS XF-7b. I liked it so much I bought two if them. PS this is also the least expensive monitor you're likely to find anywhere.