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  • canon/epson

    Hello Everyone,

    Last night my original Photosmart printer died so now it's time to replace it. I lean towards the Canon 960 or the 9600 but the Epson models are tempting as well. On the Canon I like the individual ink cartridges, speed, repairable printhead and the specified resolution of prints. The Epsons claim to fame is the water resistance of their prints which I like, but is very slow and beyond that I can't remember anything else that attracks me to it but it's reputation. Any insights from anyone? I've checked numorous web sights about the water resistance and no one says anything about the water resistance of Canon inks. Comments are welcome.

    Craig Carlson
    Sebastopol, Ca.

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    The Epson's (depending on the model) are more fade resistant. Both companies make very good printers, but if long print life is what interests you, I would research some of the higher end Epsons...the 2000p or newer 2200.


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      Now I've seen the specs for the Canon I950, Thats what I'm gonna go with! I'll write a report when I get it.



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        I added it to our reviews database.
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          I should have posted the link for the review



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