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  • Hp 5550

    Anyone looked at this one?

    From Wilhelm's site:
    the prints have a Wilhelm Display Permanence Rating (DPR) of more than 70 years when prints are framed under glass. This is the highest DPR of any dyebased desktop inkjet printer ever tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research.
    Interesting concept: it can take either 4 or 6 color cartridges.

    Another reviewer was not impressed by the low volume of the cartridges though.

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    Re the HP 5550

    Big Al,

    Thanks very much for posting the review regarding the HP 5550's print performance. It is very helpful. I'll have to check out their website and see if there is anything more recent. I've been using this printer for about 6 months with very good-excellent results on most prints, even black and white or a very black picture. It had no green tint at all unlike the same picture which I also had printed at Kinkos on one of its top laser printers. I do have trouble however printing in browns; very light brown is okay, but anything darker prints out with a mauve tint and doesn't look very brown. I've tried readjusting the calibrations and other color settings but haven't gotten anywhere doing this yet, but I am new on this subject.

    So far my favorite paper for my best prints has been Kodak's Ultima paper with Satin finish which is 3 points brighter than the HP paper, so I found it interesting to read that prints on this paper are said not to be as long lasting as with HP's Premium Plus paper.

    As far as the cartridges, you're supposed to get something like 100+ prints from the #58 photo cartridge. I have no idea if this is more or less prints than from the Epson cartridges.

    All the best,


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      I own an HP 5550, which I bought on sale at OfficeMax for $99.95.

      Originally, I bought the printer for my wife's work, but I liked the photo output and longevity enough to keep it. I'll make do with it until I can justify buying the Epson 2200. Unfamiliar with the current level of technology, I was bowled over by the quality of the 5550's photo output at the printer's "best" setting. Other people, of course, have different views.

      Yes, this printer does use ink cartridges faster than many other printers, but I think this deficit may be overstated. I saw a graph of ink usage by different printers, and this one was only slightly more than the others.

      Still, you have to factor in the cost of the HP cartridges and the HP paper, neither of which is insignificant.

      Last weekend, tho, I bought 3 cartridges (2 color and one black)for about $73 at Sam's. I also bought a photo cartridge at OfficeMax for $25.

      I would not consider refilling these cartridges because I'm sure HP's inks are different than reseller's, and I want the print longevity.

      I minimize the use of the 5550 by printing B&W on my laserjet printer, which has minimal operating costs.

      Hope this helps.



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