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  • Epson 785EPX

    Marni's quest to find the perfect printer inspired me to do a little more investigating of my own. Just wondering if anyone has used the Epson 785EPX? It seems to have similar specifications as the 780 and 1280 and touts a price tag of $250. Like the 780, it's maximum print size is 8 x 10. However, it has two features which neither the 780 or 1280 have.

    First a paper roll, which apparently holds a roll of 4 x 6 size photo paper. (Amazon has a neat little picture of this.) I suppose the intent of this feature is to allow multiple prints of 4 x 6 size photos without wasting sheets of photo paper.

    Second, an adapter which reads certain digital camera memory cards--so you can print directly from your digital camera after taking photos. This intrigued me since "someday" I would like to own the Epson 3100 camera which of course it's compatible with.

    My guess is this printer is aimed at the "consumer" level since most of us want to tinker with our digital images before printing them. Also most people want an easy way to print out photos from their digital cameras.

    Anyway, just wondering if any of you had any experience with it. I'd never heard of it before.


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    Akj, Try this link, if it works you should be able to get some useful stuff there. Tom.


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      Hey, I was just going to mention the same site. I just got my Creative Pro e-mail telling about it so I remember just reading about it. I guess you northerners are alot faster than we laid back southerners.

      It sounds like a good deal with the features. I think downloading memory card to printer is a neat feature however for the type of photography we produce in this house, nothing is good enough to be printed directly from the camera. Especially now that I see how good they can be after cheating a little with Photoshop. But for the average family it would be a real enticing feature.

      I have the roll feature on my 2000 but so far I haven't used it. It seems a bit involved to set up and I haven't had to print multiples of the same size to justify using it. I doubt I would set it up just for one print. I have been putting the smaller photos on 8.5 x 11 and setting it up so I can reuse the unused areas of the paper for test prints or something. I should really get a roll so I can judge this feature better. It may turn out to be a good thing. If nothing else, it should be a paper saver.


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        Dj, We gotta move quick up here or the "cute and pretty" wild life will eat ya. From the description I was reminded of a printer Lexmark puts out that has about the same features. Also I think Olympus and perhaps Sony also have something along that line as well only much more specalized. Tom


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          Hi Tom and DJ--

          What a great resource--thanks! Even learned a thing or two about my old Epson 440. The 785 looks intriguing, but I think the 780 may better suit my needs. I was originally interested in the 1270 or 1280, but with my career path change I think the 780 is the perfect printer for me.




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            Akj, Unless you are doing wide format type stuff the 1270 or 1280 are overkill. If my 1270 were to dissolve in a puff of smoke and steaming plastic, I would replace it with a 780. No hesitation at all. Tom


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              Hi Tom,

              Hopefullly nothing like that will happen to your 1270 !

              Yeah, once I found out that the 870 was "basically" the same printer as the 1270 I was like, "Hey, wait a minute . . . " I really don't see a need for wide format since I will be doing mostly hobby work. Supposedly the 870 is louder and a bit slower than the 1270, but for 1/3 the price I think I can live with that. Once I get it I'll be sure to share my experiences with everyone!