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Transfering files from Win98 to new XP machine

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  • Transfering files from Win98 to new XP machine

    I'm sure this is fairly easy to do, but we couldn't seem to get it done.

    My friend has invested in a new computer running XP and we were trying to hook the two computers together to move the files.

    If it was two Macs, I'd just connect them using a crossover ethernet cable, share the files on the old machine, and I'd be done by now.

    We figured out how to share files on the Win98 machine, but the device doesn't show up on the network on the XP machine.

    The old machine doesn't have a burner or we would try that.

    The only thing that has saved the afternoon was that I was busy with this file project and didn't listen to the federal budget this afternoon

    If anyone can help me, I'd sure appreciate it.

    Thanks, Margaret

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    Make sure that the network has the same name - including the caps.
    Make the folder shared on the computer that you are coping from and the desination in the new computer.
    Check you are using a twisted pair ethernet lead if you are linking comp to comp with out a hub.
    Set your IP address to some thing like on the old machine and either select an automatic address or chose - this should enable them to see each other
    disconect the internet and disable any firewalls to check they can see each other - this is the normal reason they can't

    If no luck post again there loads more
    Hope this helps


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      Question can the 98 computer see itself in its own network folder?

      When you run the set up network wizard in XP it normally connects just fine. It is probably a problem with the 98 setup which can be a bit of a pig at the best of times. Hence the question above


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        My 2cents

        Besides TCP/IP being loaded, doesn't File/Print Sharing have to be loaded on the XP machine as well?

        There does need to be some basic questions answered first:


        Can Comp98 see CompXP in network neighborhood? (or My Network places in XP)
        You do have the IP on the same sub-net? (as per Clare's example: & or some such, the first 3 sets of numbers need to be the same, oh, and I believe the last set of numbers needs to be 1-255 though, not 0).

        Anyhow, let us know...let's see if we can help.


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          Thank you all. It worked. I think we were there once before but we were too impatient and didn't wait for it to build the network. When we threw up our hands and went for supper, both computers could see each other.

          Now all I have to do is convince her that files and folders can be moved, but that's a project for another day

          The annoying thing is, I called tech support at the store that sold her the computer - it's a dedicated computer shop - and the doorknob there said there were just too many settings and he wouldn't be able to explain it to me

          If anybody else wants to know, I could write a book about it now,

          Take care, Margaret


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            Glad you got it working Margaret. I have Windows 98 and XP. When I set up my network, both machines recognized each other on the first try. If *I* can do it, *anybody* can.



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